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Group Tetris Cosplay?

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is anyone interested in cosplaying as some simple tetris pieces? different shapes, different colors. we'll all have fun at otakon! :ph34r:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNRJFWFyIXQ...feature=related <-- if you need a reference to what i'm talking about... ;)

is anyone up to it?

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Lol thank you for the first link anyways, that was bloody hilarious.

haha your welcome, and now you can see why i got distracted and posted the wrong link in the first place :wub:

anyways back to the topic at hand, i was thinking of going as teh clasic L piece although i don't know how it'll look with my height (i'm 5'1" ) but i can definitly imagine myself on the train in it on the way to otakon :P that just might make the whole thing worth while lol

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ok i'm sorry to have revived such an old topic but it seems that i have people (yes more than one ^_^ ) who are planning to making the tetris pieces... i can't wait to see all of you! XD sadly however, due to limited travel (car) space i will not be able to follow through with my original idea :( however i did modify the idea!

instead i will be going at one of the ghosts from pacman! REFERENCE--> http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1177/104674...8f323ce.jpg?v=0 and i promise that this one is already completed and coming with me to otakon. just finished a sec ago lol anyone wanna join in on the fun? i still need an Pacman, Mrs Pacman, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and/or Clyde! drop me a pm if you're interested ;)

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