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FUNimation's Week-Long License Spree

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AS some of you Otakon Goers are awere of, Funimation has had another big licensing spree over this week. The titles that were bought were:

Mamoette Lolipop (MML), - Save Me! Lolipop

Shijo Saikyo no Deshi Kenichi (KNI) - Kenichi

Gunslinger Girl 2 (GGL)

Strain (STN)

Shigurui (SGU)

...and announced today at Anime Central...

D.Gray Man (DGM)

Romeo x Juliet (RXJ)

(The abbreviations are thy personal indexing system codes)

Wow, and if I'm not mistakened, there was supposed to be some other big announcement on Monday to cap off the madness. Of all this stuff they've gotten, I'm surprised Negima?! or maybe Saiunkoku weren't added in there, though the latter titles I do have some interest. More later because I have so much to do down on this end.

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Very excited about Gunslinger Girl 2. Also would recommend Strain if you like Mecca shows. Its only 12 episodes and worth taking a look!

But most excited about D.Gray Man. Love the series. Hoping that they do it in boxsets of either 13 or 26 episodes.

Most happy about Funimation going to box sets in 2009. Seems like a smart business decision!!!

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I haven't seen D.Gray Man either but I read the 1st manga. It was good. Ill try to watch it when i comes out.

Im guessing FUNimation is trying to do better than viz and get a lot of licenses. I wonder what they'll get next.

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