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For the past 3 yeas that ive been attending Otakon ive noticed quite a few MGS cosplayers. This was especially true the first year right after Snake Eater came out.

So who's going to this year? I was thinking of just going as an ordinary soldier with a question/exclamation mark. Any suggestions o what to use for this costume?

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for the soldier costume you could paper mache styra foam for the exclimation point and then paint it but you have to paper mache it before you paint it.

Ha and iam trying to get my dad to go as Snake from the new MGS4 cause he looks just like him but we will see if hes down for it

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For the question mark/exclamation point (I'd recommend an exclamation point, as it's simpler to make), visit a Michael's/JoAnn/Hobby Lobby and buy a styrofoam ball and a styrofoam cone. Also purchase a large bottle of Superglue. You'll also need a wire coat hanger or something similar.

Coat the styrofoam in superglue the same way you'd apply a primer - a thin, even coat. The idea is to make the foam less porous. Once the superglue is dry, you can sand it and repeat the process until the surface of the cone and the sphere are as smooth as you'd like. Paint the shapes whatever color you want your exclamation point to be.

Have you ever seen a little kid dressed as an angel for the christmas pageant? They've got those fantastic wire-hanger!halos that they make with tinsel. The idea for this is the same.

Poke the hanger straight through the middle of the sphere until it sticks about 4-6" out the other side.

Poke the hanger into the pointy end of the cone so that you still have a few inches between the sphere and cone. Superglue in the holes around the hanger to make sure it won't go nowhere. Do some touch-up painting if you need to.

Use the rest of the hanger to make the "crown" part of the hat - the bit that goes around your head. You might need to use another coat hanger, but you can hide the seams in the cloth of your costume's helmet/what have you.

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Depending on what soldier you are going to be really depends on how you can approach it, for example, my Praying Mantis PMC's exclamation point:


This is a candid shot I found online of me at Ohayocon 2008. (I have no idea who took the picture and I do not recall it being taken, haha, but it could have been someone curious how I did the exclamation point and wanted to take a picture of how I did it)

The idea came from a friend of mine who made the two exclamation points and was kind enough to give me one. All he did was use some foam, red paint and two pieces of wire, then attached it to his helmet.

Luckily for me, the PMC helmet has holes in the back, so I was able to easily just wrap it around my holes and through the goggle strap.

Also, be sure to show up to one of our gatherings, we'd love to see you there! Information is here: /index.php?showtopic=13816">http://board.otakon.com/index.php?showtopic=13816

Hope to see all of you at Otakon 2008!

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