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Question about Hall Costume Contest skill levels

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I have a question regarding how "sandbagging" is determined in the hall cosplay contest. I can count the number of times I've competed on one hand; none of which I have won an award at. Technically, that would put me in the novice category which is what I was going to register in. However, I have been cosplaying for around 7 years so I'm not a novice in that respect. Would that be considered a form of sandbagging? I just don't want to be asked how long I've been cosplaying during my judging time and when I give my answer have them think I don't belong in the novice category and disqualify me. Clarification would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I've moved your post to its own thread here, so it is easier to find and get answered.

Unfortunately, I do not know the answers to your questions, so I will see if I can get the contest coordinator to check your post.

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@ Icey -

The rules state the various qualifications for different divisions:

"Novice - contestants who have won zero major cosplay awards at any convention

Journeyman - contestants who have won less than four major cosplay awards at any convention

Craftsman - contestants who have won four or more major cosplay awards at any convention "

It doesn't say anything about how many years you've been cosplaying or how many costumes you've made. "Sandbagging" would be better defined as someone who has won several awards, let's say 5 First Place and Best in Shows, trying to compete as a Journeyman. The rules clearly state that someone winning 5 major awards should be considered a Craftsman, so to have them enter as a Journeyman is breaking the rules and competing unfairly in order to win an award (aka, sandbagging).

So, to agree with you, you would be considered a Novice, having won no awards so far. However, should you like to compete as a Journeyman for all your years' experience at cosplaying, you are more than welcome to ^.^

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Ok, thanks for clearing that up. Only reason I asked was because I saw this in the FAQ: "Sandbagging is defined as knowingly entering at a skill or award level lower than your own." So I figured I'd double check before I registered. :D

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Also to clarify, you would be encouraged to compete at a higher level. The awards system is an ICG guideline, and should be taken as just that. Novice is the most entered category at Otakon, and a good deal of the entrants really are just starting out. To quote the FAQ :

"However, you may enter at

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