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Deoxys Weekend for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

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This weekend, June 20-22 and next weekend, June 27-29, head down to any GameStop in the United States and receive Deoxys! Here's what you need:

1) Have an English version of either Diamond or Pearl

2) The Pokedex from Professor Rowan

3) You can't have more than two Wonder Cards, otherwise you will need to delete one to make room

4) At least one empty space in your party

Deoxys includes:

Held item: NeverMeltIce

Pokeball: Cherish Ball

Moves: Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon, Iron Defense and ExtremeSpeed

When you go to GameStop, they have sheets that show you how to get Deoxys in your game. It will appear wirelessly through Mystery Gift. (Pokemon G/S/C, anyone?) Once you receive the Wonder Card for Deoxys, you head to any PokeMart and the deliveryman will give you your Pokemon. You can only get one Deoxys per game card.

I got one for each game today and it's really easy. I wish I had known about Darkrai a few weeks ago. I would have gotten him too. >_< But I was never able to go to these events before, so it was pretty special for me.

Has anyone else done it yet?

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Just came back from getting my Deoxys, the GameStop that I went to in my area was NOT doing it, so I needed to travel all the way to Towson Town Center mall to get it and I talked with the GameStop employee and he told me that Nintendo's marketing team didn't send out enough promotional materials to GameStop for the Deoxys giveaway and that many GameStops could not do this promotion, when I told him that Pokemon.com stated that all GameStops were supposed to have this promotion, he confirmed that the original plan was for all GameStops to do this but many GameStops did not receive the promotional materials required to do this giveaway.

But I got mine, a level 50 Deoxys, so I'm happy.

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