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Any Black Cat Cosplayers?

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Just woundering if anyone is going to cosplay as a character from Black Cat. Maybe we could meet up for pictures. I'll be going as Kyoko! OOOO OOOO I hope Kuro-sama will be there!!!! LoL! So will anybody be doing a cosplay from Black Cat?

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I was Train for a local con bout 1.5 years ago. no one knew who I was... they just kept asking me why I had bagels on my jacket T.T

anyway, I'm not at home for the summer and that's where I left that cosplay... otherwise I would join you

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LUCK!!!!!! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO YAOICON! Well acctually since I got into anime conventions.... If you can't tell already I'm a major Yaoi fan girl! XD Well on another note I LOVE SVEN!!!!! LoL Thats great that your cosplay was recognized! I myself have never seen a Black Cat Cosplay! TT-TT

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