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People needed for skit

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Two people at least needed for skit to work, must be a naruto cosplay, perferably akasuki,cannot be tobi or deidara, no singing,dancing,are talking required, may involve tacky hand movements.

PLEASE PLEASE, if you would like to message me so we can work details out. Thank you lots.

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Haha I'd do it too but I'm gonna be Temari as well and it seems you have a lott of those alreadyy

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I'm going to be Konan.... only thing is... I didn't make the cloak, and I don't know what Otakon's rules are for skits, since I never was interested in doing one and never looked into it. If I'm not actually competing, but I'm just a 'prop' so to say in your skit, am I allowed to be a part of it with a purchased cloak? Because I'd love to help you, but idk if I can.

My boyfriend is being Itachi and Tobi, and I actually haven't seen his costume yet, so I have no idea whether or not his is bought or made, I didn't ask... but I do think he bought his cloak too.

So yeah, we're Akatsuki cosplayers, we would be more than willing to help you out- but I have no idea or what Otakon's rules on the matter are. We would be just 'props' in the skit you created and were competing in to win an award, and if needed would be willing to write a statement saying we would not personally accept any prizes, but that we just wanted to help a follow cosplayer in need to do her skit, but I have no idea what the Masquerade peeps would say. Just putting that out there.

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