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stuffed anime on my head

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Ihave my cosplay all set up and ready, it's a rather simple one, but I like this character (won't say who, I've never seen anyone cosplay as him ever and I don't want anyone else to take it <.<;) but I have one dilema....I have a stuffed animal...how can I find a way to keep it on my head, without like, tying a string around it and my whole face? A way to make it look like it's just sitting on my head. It's pretty small, fits in the palm of my hand.

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I have you considered a clear plastic head band of some assortment, you could easily glue said stuffed animal to your headband. and lay the head band on your head in a way that it will not interfere with any hair/wig style you may have happening.

Hmmm, not such a bad idea. I'll look into it anyway. Thanks, and love your pic, Nel rules! ^^

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Would the stuffed character happen to be named "Ecchan" or "E-chan"? If it is and you're the main character from that certain series, I will have to fangirl when I see you =)

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, excuse the interruption...I just had to ask ;D I've never seen anyone cosplay him before ^_^

Back on topic, a headband or bobby pin glued to the bottom of the stuffed animal would definitely work. If you used a few bobby pins it'd probably be less noticeable than a headband. (: Good luck~!

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I suggest sewing the stuffed toy to a hair accessory as sometimes glue does not hold up. And you can remove the stuffed toy more easily later so that it doesn't get glue gunk on it.

Also a good suggestion. I'd prefer it to be a small hair accessory though so it's not so noticable, and since I'm a male, a headband wouldn't work so well, as well as many other things. I'll think about it though.

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