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My sincere apologies... and a fresh start

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This may belong in the Chit-Chat looking in hindsight, but it's serious to me, so I dropped it here... sorry...

I have been amiss the past several months, no big deal right, but that isn't the heard of the matter. I make firm my footing when dealing with issues that are important to me, and at time that drives me to slip when I should hold my tongue or my fingers. If I ever, even once, caused others unecessary grief, please forgive me. It has been a strange thing these past few months how much I have changed. The doctors say I have chronic paranoid schizophrenia, and I was already diagnosed with asperger's disorder, but I've been titrating and taking different medicines and I think I'm on the right path now, with the help from the V.A., my mother and step-father, and God's unending love and grace.

So on a lighter topic, I just wanted to say hello to you all and wish you a good.. er.. rest of the day. Yes.

Well I'll be attending this year and it will be my first, I'll be cosplaying as Train Heartnet and also one of the Akatsuki along with my friends... I hope to see you all there... I know that isn't possible statistically, but I will pray for everyone's well-being.


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