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PLEASE READ: Re: Questions about Weapons


If you see a question about our Weapons Policy, Weapons or props, please do not attempt to answer it.

Our BBS staff (which we have constantly checking the forums) will contact our Specs Ops Department Head to answer the question on the forum to ensure that the the original poster gets the answer they need about whatever weapon they are asking a question about. This is to ensure that the correct information is going out to our membership directly from the source.

Thank you for your cooperation. :rolleyes:

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As we start to get closer to Otakon I just want to remind everyone on here about this policy. I know that you're just trying to be helpful when you answer questions, but you don't always have all, or the most up to date information. Our policies change slightly from year to year and in some cases what was ok one year will not be ok the next year. If the information comes from the head(s) of SpecOps then you know that it's reliable and official.

The other mods/admins and myself talk to SpecOps about weapons questions a lot, so answers usually come pretty quickly. So please hold off on answering those questions yourself and wait for the official answer.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.