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Ouran Voice Actors

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I am going to reserve judgement until I hear the dub. Vic is a professional and could absolutely surprise everyone with Tamaki. I think the interesting thing is how Caitlin Glass will do as Haruhi. The Texas VA pool is a smaller pool than out in LA or Vancouver, so you have to go with the best voice possible.

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I don't really care about the voices, as terrible as that sounds, because I know I'll eventually get used to them.

(I did notice that almost every voice actor was in FMA. Pretty sneaky, Caitlin.)

Speaking of Caitlin, she did the casting for the VAs, right? Or is she the director?

If she did the casting, it's kinda odd to cast yourself as the main character. .___.

Here's my main problem:

Did they REALLY have to dub Sakura Kiss? REALLY? I don't understand that at all.

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I'm not so sure either about the casting for Ouran. I saw a video of the Ouran announcement panel done at AX where all the main voice actors showed up, including Mike McFarland cosplaying as Ranka! I thought that was awesome. LoL Overall, I think most of them will do a halfway decent job, but the one I am most skeptical of is Caitlin doing Haruhi, not the voice range I imagined for Haruhi at all. However I'll wait till the dub comes out in October for my final criticism on the subject.

On a side note, as soon as I heard that Funimation got the licensing rights to Ouran, I just knew that Vic was going to get chosen to voice Tamaki for some reason & lo & behold I was right.

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O____O THEY RELEASED THE VA'S?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW AM I BEHIND!! i watched Ouran in english sub title and liked it a lot! Vic's gonna be Tamaki??? O___O that'll be interesting. i think ill be picturing Edd from FMA whenever he talks because thats the voice i usually associate him to lol.

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