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The wait for.....OTAKON 2008!

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To Do List (Until Friday morning):

1. Wash Clothes

2. Deposit Money for convention

3. Charge Batteries

4. Reserve Ticket back to Aberdeen, MD

5. Clear Camcorder of space

6. Clear camera memory cards of space

7. Double check suitcase

Friday Morning:

1. Wake up in the at 5:30am

2. Call Taxi for train station

3. On to Otakon!

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Tomorrow I am officially packing and getting stuff together. If not ill forget something and then that will ruin my plans.

Getting money issues complete.

And changing appointments around.

Also going to bed early to get energy and letting the days come faster.

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I was bored on Sunday so I already packed. A lot.

My 50 pound suitcase, let me show it to you.

Well acutally, in past cons I've packed last minute and thrown crap in the smallest suitcase in my set and went, but this time I figured - screw that, I'm using the big suitcase!

I'm passing the next two days:

Going away party for friend moving to Florida.




Go to friend's house to sleep over as that is where my ride dwells.

9pm bedtime.

Attempt sleep.

Probably not sleep soundly.

Wake up at 5 am.


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Well, not to get ridden-out on a rail by the listophiles, but my only to-do item of consequence is now complete: acquire luggage that isn't falling apart (packing it doesn't count.) *check*

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My checklist for Otakon 2008:

Sketchpads for commissions, trades, etc.

My traditional art supplies (pencils, pens, inks, erasers, straightedges, and many other small items)

3 pieces for the art show

4 changes of clothes

5 pairs of socks

1 sleeping bag

1 Maglite

Toiletries for staying clean all weekend

Vitamin E (Reduces fatigue)

First Aid Kit

Food for the weekend (I do not eat at restaurants in Baltimore) (Bottled water, various sandwiches, peanut butter, and soup)

1 mp3 player loaded with classical music and power rock

1 roll of duct tape

12 hour drive starting Thursday morning at 5 am

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So much to do!

Finish wig

Pack costume and all it's parts

Finish costume for stepdaughter (she is going to be Misa with me)

Scrounge for cool stuff to wear other 2 days of event

buy cheep food for breakfast

clean out car

print ticked confirmations

print hotel confirmations

pack makeup

...I'm sure there is more.

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