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Club Otaku: New room for live music performed karoke-style by attendees

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Greetings all, this is Dom, I'm helping organize a room called Club Otaku for the first time at Otakon.

We're in the process of getting everything in one central place on the site, and when we do we'll probably have an official announcement, but here are the details that are for certain right now:

CLUB OTAKU: We provide a room with musical instruments, and you provide the sheer musical genius. If you're talented at playing a musical instrument and/or singing (or even just really enthusiastic about it), then stop by and sign up for a time slot in which to showcase your mad skills. Or, if you're just a fan of live music from your favorite anime and video games, come by to bask in the awesome glory of it all.

Club Otaku is a room with provided instruments (two guitars, one bass guitar, keyboard(s), drums and percussion, microphones) and all associated paraphernalia. Anyone who's interested can sign up to jam together, karaoke-style. Tons of musicians and vocalists, including members of OverClocked ReMix, local videogame music bands, and videogame companies, will be there to rock you all day long.

On Friday and Saturday, Club Otaku will be serving fresh riffs from opening to 7:00PM, and on Sunday all day. Don't miss it.

If you fear our cowbell is insufficient for your divine percussive furor, then you may bring your own equipment or instruments. However, neither Otakon nor any of its staff members assume any responsibility for any instruments used at Club Otaku. If you'd still like to use your own equipment, you will need to sign a waiver at the room entrance.

This is intended to cover small items like your favorite guitar or bongos. Please don't bring your favorite pipe organ or 147 piece drumset.


If you have any questions/comments/concerns feel free to contact me, or just post here:

AIM: LinuxThis42

Email: binary1230 --at-- yahoo --d0t-- com

Note for off-site-er's: If you're getting here from forums on OCR, Shizz, vgmix, magfest, or anywhere else you may remember something at Magfest 6 called Jamspace. Myself most of the same team will be running Club Otaku, and it is going to be just as epic.

I may have a final instrument list (with models) after this weekend, but it will be decent stuff.

Here's a few videos that showed off how this room unfolded last time:


NOTE: We had another thread for this already which was a planning thread, this is more of a discussion thread.

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If anyone wants to do a song with a singer, I can learn whatever, I'd love to do something ^_^

Oh and I'll bring my own bass player hehe!

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Cool, glad you guys are excited, it's gonna ROCK.

You're welcome to bring sheet music, though I don't personally have any because I only play by ear and can't read music. If I did I'd totally bring it.


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I may have to show up to this sometime, I'll bring my SG, a practice amp and some effect pedals. I'd like to try and play H.T. from trigun, if anyone knows how to play it on bass, a second guitar or drums, could be cool to play with others.

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Will Club Otaku be taking the Otacafe's space?

Ah no way - Otacafe is awesome. Both events will be happening at the same time, Club Otaku is in addition to Otacafe. Club Otaku is like Otacafe except the focus is on playing music rather than singing. I see Club Otaku as a good complement to Otacafe.

OTHER NEWS: Our site is live: Check it out: http://otakon.com/events_clubotaku.asp

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