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Calling all Vocaloids

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This year I managed to pick a really popular cosplay (which is strange for me)

Miku Hatsune from the singin program called Vocaloids.

I'm looking for others who are also cosplaying as any of the vocaloid chacters and perhaps we could get a photo shoot together!

I'm particularly looking for a Kaito ... but thats another story all together.

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i'm pretty sure that you will find more vocaloid cosplayers like yourself. they probably just haven't read this post yet :D. I didn't even know what a vocaloid was up until a few days ago. apprently they are REALLY popular. so if i see ya i will be sure to say hello :P

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I didn't know until a few months ago either! XD

I saw a thread on cosplay.com saying they were having a photocshoot sunday by the fountains at around 11

sunday shoots are hard for me I don't really even bother to get dressed un in something like miku it's involved and I have to drive back home (and go to the dealersroom and AA XD; ) it'd be nice to do one friday or even sat

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OMG I wasn't sure anyone would be doing Miku! I definitely am! I'm hoping to do the hall contest too, but I didn't get a chance to pre-reg so we'll see if that happens...if not, that's ok, I"ll just walk around looking fab! I'd love to be in a vocaloid photo, and I have no problem whatever the day...or being in two if I have to do different days! I'm almost done with my costume, I just have to figure out the wig...I have it, it's just a bit of a mess right now.

Hope to see you all soon!

The ninja loves you

(pray for my wig ;) )

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I wish I could have gotten a wig... I improvised and rather frustraited at it right now ._. I'll probly see you at hall cosplay. I pre-reged so I should be up there pretty early I'll keep an eye out for you :3

((side comment: I hate posting with this thing... it's not as easy as it was before ;_; ))

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