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Otakon 2008 AMV Contest Finalists and info and stuff

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Hi kids, contest coordinator here.

Alan, pin this plz kthx!

As was done in previous years, I will only be listing the studios that made the final cut. I will not list their AMVs in the interest of keeping the contest fresh. If the video's creator wishes to disclose which entry that they submitted, I'm perfectly fine with that, but I figure it's best to leave it up to the submitter and not "out" them myself If you wish to know what score your video got at prescreenings, email vboruta@otakon.org with your studio name and the video title.

OMGWTFinalists in pretty much no particular order:



JMI Productions

Studio Hybrid

Lolicious Designs

Brakus Media


Miracle Falcon

Aaron Becker




Doki Doki Productions

LeetStreet Boys


Bad Omen




Meredith "Meri" Cantoni

Hidama Productions



One-Winged Angel Productions


Dark Side Productions




Daniel Chang












HurQlez Productions

DPad Productions, LLC



Lawrence Studios

Michael "VegettoEX" LaBrie

Phantasmagoriat Productions

Delicious Orange


The following studios have submitted videos that were disqualified from the competition. Disqualified videos will still be shown at overflow, with the exception of ones that were disqualified for inappropriate content as we could not secure a late-night time slot for an overflow screening.


Avalon Blade Works - Major award winner: Sakura-con 2008

insubstance - Inappropriate content

StriderTol - Use of commercial english dub

Jesmaster - Exceeded the time limit

Legendary 86 Productionz - Visible fansubs

Vietnhien Production - Visible fansubs

Ryumikokun - Visible DivX logos

Rehdogg.Com - Not even a reference to anime footage

NightHawk - Major award winner: Fanime 2008

Random Destination Studios - Major award winner: ACen 2008

Vellure - Major award winner: A-Kon 2008

A quick reminder that "major award winner" only entails those videos that have won first place or "best in show" awards prior to the June 10th deadline. 2nd place doesn't count, nor do honorable mentions. Hopefully next year Otakon will get some more exclusive videos so that we don't have to cut so many great ones

Contest finalists will be able to sit in a special section for the contest screenings, and they do not have to wait in line for any AMV event. Finalists who wish to take advantage of these benefits will need to pick up a special AMV Finalist badge from the info desk at any time during the convention. This is not a substitute for your paid convention admission. When you pick up your badge, you will be given yours, as well as 2 badges that you can give to your friends. Each badge is pre-printed with your name so be sure to have some ID on you. As I have been told, this is different than the previous two years, however the previous two years received significantly fewer entries than we did this year. There is also a high percentage of creators who will be in attendance. As I mention later in this thread, it would be logistically insane of us to rope off 400 seats in a 760 seat venue when the con is expecting 23,000 attendees, and that's not counting staffers gophers and guests. Granted Video 1 seats something like 2,200 people, and we use it twice, but that's still 4,400 seats out of 23,000 attendees at a high-volume event. It's going to be tight as it is, and I still want to give back to the submitters, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Here is a tentative schedule of AMV related events. I make no claims that it is 100% accurate. I don't have the program descriptions but most are self-explainatory. I believe that "Best of AMVs" showcases all of the previous Otakon winners from the last 15 years.

Friday Events


11AM - 2PM :: AMV Overflow (Video 1)

3PM - 5PM :: Best of AMVs (Video 1)(There will be a room clear afterwards)

5:30PM - 6:30PM :: AMV Contest Seating (Video 1)

6:30PM - 9PM :: AMV Contest (Video 1)

Saturday Events


9AM - 11AM :: AMV Overflow (Video 1)

1PM-1:30PM :: AMV Contest Seating (Video 1)(Room clear after the event ending at 1PM)

1:30PM - 4PM :: AMV Contest (Video 1)

4PM - 5PM :: AMVs from Concept to Planning (Panel 1)

5PM - 6PM :: AMVs In the Beginning... (Panel 3)

6PM - 7PM :: AMVs A Cross-Platform Primer (Panel 3)

7PM - 10PM :: Iron Editor (Panel 3)

10PM - ??? :: Vic drinks away the pain (Anywhere but here)

Sunday Events


9AM - 11AM :: Best of AMVs (Video 6)

11AM - 12:30PM :: AMV Overflow (Video 6)

12:30PM - 3PM :: AMV Contest Encore (Video 6)(No room clear beforehand. Walk right in!)

AMV Overflow playlists are built in advance, however they are dynamic, so if you're the creator for a specific video that did not make finals, you may walk up to the board-op and request your video to be shown while you're there

Best of luck!

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The Best of AMVs is a great idea, might check that out. I do have to say I may not be able to watch the AMV contest because the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show is running around that time too.

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Aw shucks, didn't make the finalists. Oh well, thank goodness for the Overflow! Looking forward to the contest!

And thanks for all the hard work and dedication, Vic!

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10PM - ??? :: Vic drinks away the pain (Anywhere but here)

Pain? What pain?!? ;)

Thanks for all your hard work, Vic - we all appreciate it!

I can't wait to see the contest!

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The Best of AMVs is a great idea, might check that out. I do have to say I may not be able to watch the AMV contest because the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show is running around that time too.

well you should be able to make one of the contest showings... there's one showing each day.

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Still shocked I made it. O.o Anyway, looking forward to watching the contest and meeting some of you crazy editors. Congrats/good luck to all the finalists. And thanx to Vic and the pre-screeners for your dealings with the insanity. @.@

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awwww man I didn't make it!!!! :(:( Oh well there always next year!!!!

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