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Public Bulleten Boards / Tables


I'd like to leave a bit of promotional material on my webcomic at public tables or a public bulletin board. I saw mention of them on the main website, but does anyone know where in the convention center they'll be located and how many of them there'll be?

Thank you ahead of time. :D

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There are little tables that jet off from some of the support pillars in the new side of the convention center on the 300 level. This includes the areas from Pratt St Lobby around to the right, all the way back to Camden St Lobby (though you'd probably have a difficult time placing fliers in there due to events). I also don't know how many there are, but I'd say at least 5 of which would be near pretty well-travelled areas that you'd want to drop papers on.

I do not think there are any on the old side of the BCC, although there are "normal" tables around that may be useful.. but note that people are likely to throw everything away from those tables because they actually sit there to eat or hang out.

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