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Cosplay.com's List of Gatherings for Otakon

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I have noticed multiple threads looking for Fellow cosplayers at Otakon. There is a list of 140 plus cosplay gatherings for Otakon weekend. It is the cosplay.com list of Cosplay gatherings list. I am not going to post all 140 plus gatherings. Here is the link to Cosplay.com's Gathering list

If the mods feel this is something that should be sticked, please feel free to do so. This is done as a service to all Otakon attendees. I don't think Otakon's Information Desk will have a list of these gatherings or even know about these gatherings, so this may be your only chance of getting them.

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Also, the last day to request your set up gathering with Eurobeat King, is August 4th. Via Cosplay.com's otakon Gathering official forum...

The list will probably be updated by the 5th-6th, so just keep an eye out...

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