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Otakon 08 Videos

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Otakon's in less than a week!!

I'm searching for spare camera batteries and tapes and the such because I have to capture every moment I can.

Anyone else grabbing their camcorders and cameras to compose works of art based on the fandom that is Otakon?

If not, give me a shout out at the con, and I'll make sure to capture you in some footage.

Here's a couple of my works from Katsucon '08:

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I'll be bringing my camera and my new camcorder for Otakon 2008. After this year's Otakon, the camera will probably be retired by a new Cannon camera.

(And I haven't even viewed the footage I took from Otakon 2007.)

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For my b-day, my bf got me one of those spiffy digital cameras that does both photos and video, so I'm bringing that. Hopefully I get some interesting stuff. (Of both picture and video variety. *^ _ ^*)

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I think we have yet to see descent convention documentary. Otakon showed a documentary about 4 years ago called This is Otakudom and that was about fandom in general. I would like to see something of the same caliber done for the convention scene.

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