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Schedule up, what now?

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Since the printable schedule and the descriptions are available, what have you decided on seeing/doing at Otakon 08?

Here's what I'd like to see:

Anime/Live Action:


Getting Home

Freedom Project

Dragon Ball Z Bardock/Trunks

Wall Flower

Seirei no Morbito

Death Note live action

Gundam 00

Fighting Bear

Sword of the Stranger

5 cm/second

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Nana (live)

Hellsing OVAs

Vampire Knight

DBZ: Broly Double Feature

Slayers Revolution


Opening Ceremonies

Yaoi Press

Media Blasters Yaoi/Yuri

Women in Webcomics

Yaoi Aesthetic

Hardcore Yaoi: Yer Doin' it wrong

Generation Y: Kickin' it Old School

Rakugo Performance

Sunday Concerts!

Closing Ceremonies

Ofc some of these things are conflicting, but there's lots of stuff I'm interested in! ^^

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I really wanna see "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" - havent been able to find subs of that.

I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of drama with the crunchyroll and fansubber vs industry panel. i might bring some popcorn to those :D

also Im excited about the Jam Project concert - it'll be my first otakon concert that I'll go to. the only thing is, all the 18+ panels that i wanna go to are happening at the same time :)

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I think "Girl Who Leapt Through Time" is still doing the festival circuit. I think it'll come out fairly soon, probably via Sony.

Maybe Maruyama-san will have info for us when he arrives.

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It's doing a normal run now

http://timeleap.bandai-ent.com/ FYI. I believe as the film makes its way around US/Canada they will add more theater listing on that site.

As for me, I'm going to do probably 3 things:

JAM Project related things--concert, autograph, panels, the respective lines, whatever else

The fansubbing panel, hopefully, is going to be entertaining. But I get the feeling it isn't.

Karaoke. With the schedule out now, i can find the best time to coordinate a bunch of people to do some JAM Project songs XD

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The fansubbing panel, hopefully, is going to be entertaining. But I get the feeling it isn't.

Karaoke. With the schedule out now, i can find the best time to coordinate a bunch of people to do some JAM Project songs XD

The fansubbing vs industry panel is going to be fairly serious rather than out-and-out entertaining - though that's not to say that it won't be valuable or memorable.

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Same thing I do at con every year:

Friday (or Saturday, depending on whether on not I can get into the Friday show) - AMV Contest.

Saturday - Masquerade

Friday and Saturday nights - Rave

Everything else in between - Dealer room, hanging out with friends, game room, and snapping pictures of cosplayers.

No offense, but I don't go to Otakon to watch anime or movies. :)

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Heh heh. What I meant was, I can watch all the anime I want at home (not that it means anything, but I have a 60 inch HDTV).

I mainly go to Otakon to hang out with fellow geeks and check out the cosplayers.

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not all anime is easily accessible to everyone. "the girl who leapt through time" is a good example. or sometimes people may wanna preview a few episodes to see if they'll invest in the whole series. i might do that with 'sayonara zetsubu-sensei'. [sp?]
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I will probably check out "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", "Lovely Complex", and the J-drama panel.

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I really want to see Girl Who Leapt Through Time (even though I've already seen it), but it's at the same time as the Media Blasters panel (and I wanted to hit all the big industry panels if I could), though (with all respect to Media Blasters) I suppose if there was an industry panel to skip, that might be it (no way I'm skipping Kadokawa, Funimation, or ADV, for example).

There doesn't seem to be as many anime shows being screened that I'm very interested in this year than there was last year, so I'm not sure how much I'll be doing that. It seems this year will definitely be big on the panels for me. And I'm sure I can stick in the JAM Project concert as well since it finishes before the light rails stop running.

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I definetly want to see girl who lept through time but i also want toc 5cm per second. They're runnin at the same time. Iv seen part of the 5cm. Maybe ill just watch time.

When i saw on the website the schedule in a pda format i had to print it right away. Im moving but i had to unpack my stuff just to get the printer. IDK why i had to cause we get it there but it was very important. So My room is a mess.

Things I definetly want to see:

Girl Who Lept Through Time

Otaku Belly Dance 101


Vampire Knight

Iron Editor

Game Show

AMV Contest

Tokyo or Bust

Gaia Online Panel

Anime You Should See

Jam Project (if my friends want to go to)

Jpop 101

Bad Japanese Music Videos

Otaku Idol

and Tokyo Travel on a Budget

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For me...


Phoenix HD

Sonic Hedgehog Panel

Tadano & Matsushita Panel

Opening Ceremonies

Madhouse Panel

Going early to set up for the lolita fashion show ~~

Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show *I'm the video girl*

*getting some food*

*might go to: Bad Anime Bad If I feel up to it


Peter S Beagle Panel

*Laura Baily Q&A

Bandai Panel

The Future of Jrock Panel

Sunday Musical Guest Panel

Sunday Musical Guest Autograph

*Jrock Revolution DVD Premiere

*Iron Editor


Peter S Beagle/Last Unicorn

Sunday Concert


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My Schedule is more limited in what I can see due to being a TCG, but here is what I hope to see part or all of:

-Maruyama and Madhouse Q and A

-Tokyo Travel on a Budget

-Mike Sinterniklaas or Kappei Yamaguchi Q and A

-Code Geass 1-4

-Gurren Lagann (even if it is one episode)

-Claymore 1-3 D

-Ultimate Hellsing Panel or Adult Cosplayers

-Sword of the Stranger

-Jam Project Q and A

-Kadokawa Pictures PRemiere

-Satoshi Kon Fan Panel

-Black Lagoon Second Barrage 1-3

-Hand Drawn Animation

-State of the Industry

-ADV announcements

-Get Maruyama's signature

-Closing Ceremonies (hopes they replay the animation at Closing, since I am in Autographs during opening)

-Con Feeback Panel.

I also need to get into the Dealers Room and Artist Alley to stimulate the economy and other places including the Con runner's dinner.

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Guest TxdoHawk

I'm thinking the following:


Lesbians, Lolis, Vampires, and Drunkards: Welcome to Touhou (F)

Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos! (F)


Japanese Pro Wrestling (F)

What? Why? Hentai! (F)(18+)


Concert (pending a youtube check of the artists)

Short list (I probably won't even hit up all of those), but I don't partake in a lot of official activities. I'm more about people-watching, photography, and being social.

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I don't know what I'm doing yet as far as schedule goes, because I haven't gotten my volunteer schedule from J-Rock Revolution yet.

But I know I'm going to the Sunday Artist's Panel and Autograph Session and the Sunday concert. And the dealers room. XD

Those are my top priorities as of now.

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I look forward to pocky eating ( ._.)

OH and the hare hare yukai dances on friday and saturday :P

itss gon be funnnn

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Not sure what I'm doing early on Friday, but if I don't have to be in the Gaming Hall real early (opens at noon on Friday), I'm going to watch Super GALS! at 9 AM. It's one of my favorites and I want to enjoy it with others. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time looks really interesting, so if there's anything I'm going to try to clear out so I can get to it, I will. Also, I'll hopefully find some people with Magic: the Gathering decks in the game room, because I'm dying to play some.

I also may try to hit one of the events at the First Mariner Arena, but it may be hard to get in there and get a seat that doesn't suck.

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Considering my TCG schedule, here is what I'm going to try to see this weekend, even if I don't catch 100% of anything:


Part of the JAM Project concert

This Is Otakudom



Japanese Modern & Indie Rock

Eva: ReDeath (part of the Fan Parodies)

Otakon Game Show

Some late night panel programming...


Best of AMV's

Slayers Revolution

Closing Ceremonies

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Thanks for making this thread, I'm getting psyched for Otakon just reading it!

Some of my highlights include:

-Kendo: Way of the Sword

-Making Visual Novels

-Funi's and ADV's panels

-Life Drawing

-Contour and Gesture Drawing

-Otaku Studies


-Tadano and Matsushita

...and I'd be lying if I said Bandai's "surprise" didn't look intriguing!

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There are really only two things I really want to go to this year at Otakon.. and unfortunately I can't go to one of them due to my group's scheduling issues. Ah well!

Here they are anyway:

-The Tokyo traveling on a budget panel on Friday

-The Phoenix Wright Interactive Trial (the one I can't go to).

There are a few other things I wouldn't mind checking out- like the Making of Visual Novels workshop- but I won't be quite as irked if I don't happen to make it this time.

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