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Japanese music for everyone!

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If you're a fan of Japanese music, or have been wanting to learn more about it, this year we have you covered. This year's music-based panels are:

J-Pop 101: an introduction to Japanese Music

A basic overview of Japanese music on the whole that will introduce you to how the music industry operates, showcase several genres/artists (both popular and lesser known) and offer a lot of time dedicated to answering your questions and discussing what YOU are interested in.

Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos

A smattering of videos that are too ridiculous and terrible not to take the time to watch.

Japanese Modern and Indie Rock

Focusing on what rock music is today in Japan (from chart-toppers to "Indies" bands), it's presence in America, how it's much more than VK and metal bands, and how much you will kick yourself in the pants because you haven't been listening to it for years already!

The three hosts of each panel have teamed up to bring you their collective knowledge on each subject and really want everyone to come out and experience some of the music that we have been obsessed with for years already. Some of it might be pretty silly, I'll admit that, but there is so much truly AWESOME music coming out of Japan that many people may have never heard of. Our collective goal is to bring that music to your attention, so that you can enjoy it as well and the so that we can help the artists extend their fanbase outside of Japan. The more people that support these Japanese artists, the greater the chance is that they will start touring in America, which is a dream come true for some of us that will never be able to travel to Japan to see them.

So make sure you come to these panels, the first of which being the J-Pop 101 panel that is scheduled for Friday at 5:30pm. All three panel hosts will be there to kick off the first night of the convention and give you a sample of what you'll see at their respective panels that are to follow later that night and the next day.

Since the most important part of our panels is delivering information to you, please reply with any questions or comments you might have for us and we'll post back with answers. Hope to see everyone there!


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Hey everyone!

I'll be hosting and moderating the J-Pop 101/J-Music 101 panel!

Just to clarify, for those of you who are wondering whats up with the title of the first panel, it was due to an unforeseen circumstance of miscommunication. In the event planner, the panel reads as J-Music 101, while the PDF and the booklet will read J-Pop 101, therefore to clear up any confusion, these are one in the same panel, run by the same people, but with different titles. lol.

In addition, as stated above, all three of us will be teaming up to help bring the joy of Japanese music together. Each panel will have their different focus and we look forward to spreading the excitement of Japanese music!

My panel will focus on the mainstream end of the Japanese music industry. We'll explore what's popular and hot in the different genres, but most importantly, I would like to spend some time to hear what you (the audience) have to say about j-music in general. As a sweetener to the pot, I may give out some cool free stuff that I got in Japan if you guys participate!

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to input!


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I definetly want to see Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos. That sounds like it would be fun. Are you going to talk about the making of the music videos and why they were bad or were just going to watch them.

I did want to see the J-Music one too. It should open my eyes to new artist and types of music.

Thanx for the panels!

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