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How much was your trip to Otakon?

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Coming from Philadelphia to Baltimore was quite an experience, and from what I can tell it can get a little on the expensive side:

A few notes:

- Our trip was very last minute

- Our trip extended from Thursday around noon to Sunday around 4 PM


$55 - Andrew

$65 - Shaun and I each (We did it 11:30 on the last night)

$70? - Rob (He paid on Friday, never asked how much)

Hotel - $1256 (Marriot after all the hotel space for the con was gone)

Car Expenses:

$45 - Tank of gas for me (Round trip)

$50 - Tank of gas for Andrew (Round trip)

Parking - $144 (Both cars)

Food - $60 per person for all 4 days

Grand Total for last minute Otaku Roundup?


Not too shabby for four guys. The only reason for a second car was because Andrew had to take a buddy home and my car is a two door with a back seat. Lest we forget that Andrew is also responsible for purchases totaling $1000+ any given year and has enough figures and DVD box sets to fill my trunk on his own without fitting any of our luggage. Overall, though, it was an amazing con this year and I look forward to every year following!

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Well, I think I did pretty good honestly

Hotel $179 for Friday (prepaid for it last year in '07) $189 for Saturday night

Parking $19 for the weekend (priority member with Holiday Inn :P)

Pre-reg $55

Gas $0 (took my parents car :) )

Food about $20 (Johnny Rocket and McDonald's)

Cosplay goodies :D $300

grand total----------------------$762. give or take with that sales tax that was i forgot how much

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Gas: 96

Tolls: 20

Hotel 2nights: 115

Parking: 28

Food: 70

Registration: 133

Merchandise: 500

Total: 962

Wow thats the first time i ever looked at it like this, didnt realize i spent so much!!!

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100 dollars in gas to drive down from NY and back

Maybe 20-30 dollars in gas to drive back and forth to the lightrail (and into Baltimore on Sunday).

10 dollars parking on Sunday

Maybe 20-30 dollars for food

and 50 dollars for merch/art

So.. 210ish?

Economic Otakon for me :mellow: It's nice having friends in the area.

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I did have a budget of 1500 but that got totally blown out of the water by day one.

Hotel: 330 for my share (i had to eat it for two people who pulled out)

Dealers room: (this makes me wanna cry but the loot was so worth it) around 740... I'm not even entirely sure...

Artist alley: 185

Food: 15 (WHOO free gofer food! The little oreo brownies were delicious)

Gas: 30

Parking: 84... -.- Don't listen to the brookshire when they say the parking garage across the street is cheaper than valet...

Cosplay (which I forgot my wig for)/Accessories/etc: 750

So... I got up to somewhere around 2100, really... who needs books for college anyway :)... And now I'm back to saving and planning and budgeting for next year. Already have 500 put into the hotel and 80 into next years cosplay.

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MVP Bus from NYC was cheap ($35 r/t) and, unlike the other Chinatown buses to B'more, drops off only a mile or so from the Con Ctr. Came in Thurs. evening and made the hike with our bags to pick up our badges. Except for the obligatory discomfort and annoyances of Chinatown busing, this went smoothly and happily.

Stayed with a college friend in Hampden, which is near the light rail, so room & board costs were minimal. The light rail did betray us on Sunday morning (didn't come for over an hour, without any delay announcement, before we managed to get a ride from a generous new friend), but otherwise we had no problems with transport.

Add online registration and just a couple of meals in and outside the convention (a bit steep, but food prices in NYC are pretty consistently worse, so I was used to it), and we didn't do too bad at all, with regard to the essential costs.

I even managed to stay within my spending budget (~$200), got all the stuff I needed and wanted, and avoided impulse purchases. I really did need new shoes, too, so... bonus! That expense shouldn't even count.

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Registration: $55

Hotel: $100

Transportation: $80 [$50 (gas), $20 (tolls), $10 (parking, bus)]

Food: $50 (I lived on bagels at the con and $20 of the Hotel fee went to a group stockpile of food)

Dealers Room: $167

Cosplay: ...At this point I don't even want to know.

Total: $452, not counting cosplay.

That's more than I ever wanted to spend, and hopefully next year I won't go a little crazy and buy a Zero cosplay for $107. Time to work some more hours at the frame shop @_@.

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$204: Round Trip Ticket to Baltimore from Providence

$380: Food and Money spent in dealer's room, taxi fare, The Alley, Forever 21, and other places..

Total: $584

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pre-reg: $55

Food: $35.00

Rouroni Kenshin box set: $60

tenjho tenge vol. 6- $25

pocky: $15

parking: $20

ergo proxy costume materials: $80

weight lost: 3 lbs. :P

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Flight (from Boston) .............. 170

Shelter ................................. 0

Registration .......................... 55

Parking ................................ 33

Food .................................... 20

Merch .................................. 105

total .................................... 383

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Hmm...I'll have to approximate!

$55 for pre-reg

$250 my share of the hotel expenses, Thursday night through check-out Sunday

$20 Dealer's Room

$125 food/red bull/coffee (most of the food was bought at California Tortilla, which was DELICIOUS!)

$3.50 for one Day Pass (one of my friends paid for the other two days!)

$40.00 gasoline (from Central PA)

Total: $493.50 (appx)

It was such an awesome time, though...can't wait for next year!!

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Let's see...A lot of these numbers are estimates and it's for two people.

Gas - $50

Tolls - $10

Food, brought - $40

Food, eating out - $75

Con membership - $110

Hotel - $160

Artist Alley - $250

Dealer's Room - $100


Total - $795

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Hotel Room was divided by 4 people, each one of us paid: $175.00

Otakon Memberships: $65.00x 2= $130.00(I paid for my girl's membership)

Food and whatnot bought before Otakon: 0.00 We each brought something from a list, and the stuff I brought was laying around the house.

Food bought during Otakon: About 60.00. We had a free breakfast buffet at our hotel, so only really bought dinner.

Gas: $20.00 per person got us to and back from Otakon.

Grand Total before buying stuff at Otakon: 385.00. Not bad..considering I paid nearly that for a just hotel room in previous years.

I spent roughly 300.00 on stuff during Otakon..well, between 300-400..so yeah. ;) Either way, spent around 700.00 bucks.

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My husband and I definitely spent well over $1000 totaling up our cosplays, registration, gas, food, hotel, etc. It would have been a lot less, but we treated ourselves to some nice restaurants and his Silent Bob cosplay was about $600 by itself. But now that we have everything for that cosplay, next year should only cost about $500......hopefully :blink:
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