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What did you buy at Otakon?

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So, was just wondering what everyone picked up in the dealers room/artist alley!

- Artist Alley:

^^ Awesome Stand up Duo!

-Dealers Room:

Gakuen Heaven & Hikaru no Go stickers

3 pins - Soubi, Haru wo Daiteita, Sukisyo

Death note apple & notebook charm

Two FF IV figures - Rydia & Cid

Akuma from SF2 figure

Mello bobblehead

Gundam Seed pencil sharpener - Gaia Gundam

FF Trading Arts vol. 2 - mini Basch (from FFXII)

Junjou Romantica pencil board

Really nice figure of a guy in leather, smoking, shirtless... that I can't remember what he is from! But, awesome looking! :)

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Actually wearing some of the swag right now.


Other than that, the standard Otakon swag, Adventures in Vocie Acting, various other DVD's, CD's...I regret not buying anything from AA, thought that was mostly because I didn't have time.

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I bought

Fullmetal Alchemist Tank No. 20

Jam Project CD

Itsuki figure (from TMOHS)

Kyon figure (from TMOHS)

Simon figure (from Gurren Lagann)

Nia figure (from Gurren Lagann)

Lelouch figure (which must have fell out of my bag so I lost it :) )

I was pretty happy with myself this year that I pretty much only bought imported stuff that is harder to find elsewhere.

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Artist's Alley Schwag:

Print of Felicia from Darkstalkers

Print of Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Print of Hitman:Reborn characters(a gift for someone)

chibi pins of: Ash from Army of Darkness/Evil Dead, Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro, Luigi from Mario Bros, Girl Ranma from Ranma 1/2.

Chibi stickers of the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon and a Totoro sticker as well.

Poster/print of the secondary characters from Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Dealer's Room:

Revoltech figures of: YF-19 and YF-21 from Macross Plus. Zentraedi Battlepod from Robotech/Macross. Skull-1 from Robotech Macross. And Gigantor.

Jam Project CD.

Two Astroboy Gashapon figures.

Three Galaxy Express Gashapon figures.

Macross Doujinshi.

Go Lion Volume 2.

Gamera DvD with box.

Two different Project A-ko DvDs.

Time Boken DvD.

Mario holding a fire flower plushie.

Small Kirby Fighter plushie.

Spent way too much this year..but still, everything was too tempting to pass on.

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1 Black UN NERV Business card holder. It's geeky AND functional! :)

1 May 1996 Antartic Press comic style magazine featuring Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Issue 1 & 2 of the issue based Evangelion comic book.

Yup. Can't get enough of that useless Eva junk. Fortunately, it was only $26 total.

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Artist's Alley

-Second to last Dominic Deegan scarf

-3 badges (Sora, Roxas, Riku) from the table right next to Mookie, Snafu Comics

-a print of Zack Fair messing [censored] up around Fort Condor, by a nice Canadian woman whose name I forget. I forgot the print at my friend's place, so I don't have it or the card she gave me.

-A stuffed Paopu fruit keychain.

Dealer's Room

-A plush Mario ?-block that makes the coin and mushroom noises when given a bop.

-Small Haruko Haruhara plush

-Large Roxas plush

-10 The World Ends With You pins from the Kingdom Arts booth

-A Revoltech Gurren Lagann figure (swear I walked around the entire place 5 times looking for one)

-Had my Canti-emblem forehead protector fixed at the Morlock Enterprises booth. I had gotten it in 05, but last year the rivets popped out on one side. Jim (aka Morlock himself) pulled out all of the rivets and re-did them with the larger washers that the headbands are now done with. Free of charge, too. He's a great guy.

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Let's see...

Artist's Alley:

Some very nice pictures of Toushirou Hitsugaya, C.C, Lelouch, Rukia, Cloud, Zack, and a picture that had Lelouch, Suzaku, C.C, and Kallen all in one...

Dealer's room:

Ulquiorra plush

Kirby Blush

Tenza Zangetsu (wooden)

Black cat and Code geass wall scroll

...And a free Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya if that counts ;)

This is my very first otakon without buying a non wooden sword o_o but that's fine=P Though, I really wanted a Mudkip plush >_> lol

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- Lots of manga

- a Death Note

- Hikaru no Go poster and pin

- Gundam Wing DVD boxset

- got a free Gurren Laggan poster from the Bandai exhibit

Didn't buy much this year, even though I had the money [strange, huh....]

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-Volume 6 of Tenjho Tenge,

-The entire first season of Rouroni Kenshin,

-a Zero Suit Samus poster from the Artists Alley :(

-and a mudkip, in honor of 4chan NOT being there (thank God)

I also spent 50 bucks on Pocky and steak and onion subs from Blimpie in the Bank of America building =D

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Lets see:

-3 Death Note yaoi Doujinshi

-FMA yaoi doujinshi

-FFVIII yaoi doujinshi

-3 yaoi manga

-3 yaoi hentai DVDs

-Sephiroth figure

-Gankutsuou wallscroll

-3 prints (Sesshomaru, FFVII people (AC version I think), random yaoi bondage. *^ _ ^*)

-4 shirts

-cat ears

Well, except for maybe a plushie, I got everything I was looking to get while I was there. *^ _ ^*

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I didnt buy much this yr. I had like $140. I dont know where all my money went. I got 2 pics at the artist alley.

Azumanga Daioh hat

Pin with the sweat mark

2 parasels which were 2 for 20. Good deal.

Helped pay for my friends kitty ears

and 1plushy

I think next yr ill have more money and buy more stuff especially from the artist alley.

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Pinky Street Figure: Yuki Nagato

Pinky Street Figure: Haruhi Suzumiya

Pinky Street Figure: Mikuru Asahina

Pinky Street Figure: Tsuruya-san

Pinky Street Cos: Yukata (sitting)

Pinky Street Figure 12

Pinky Street Clothing Pack

Haruhi Suzuymiya Mini Nendroids (4)


DaizyStripper CROSS CD (Autographed)

The Underneath Moon Flower (Autographed)

MarBell Sister (Autographed)

MarBell Sister (Extra Copy)

DaizyStripper Towel

An Cafe Candyholic

An Cafe Gokutama Rock Cafe


Hime Raki (Lucky Star Hentai Doujinshi)

Goku Raki (Lucky Star Hentai Doujinshi)

Doraemon Plus Volumes 1-5

Kagen no Tsuki 1-3

Video Games

Doraemon - Nobita to Midori no Kyojinden (Import DS Game)

Stuff for friends:

12012 Single

DaizyStripper CD (Signed)

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Cat ears

A couple of wall scrolls (Death Note, Spiral and Fruits Basket)

Kingdom Hearts I and II Final Mix (my goal for Dealer's Room)

I wanted to buy a NERV shoulder bag but I waited until Sunday to shop and all the stands were out of them.

Nothing from Artist Alley but I did take a few cards. I plan to comission somthing but circumstances prevented me from doing so at the con.

I'm dying to know who bought my crocheted DDR pillows at the Art Auction. As a total newb to the Arts aspect at cons, thank you so much! You made my day. ^_^

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I got:

2 cheap airsoft guns

Chi Large Plushie (signed by Masao)

Crossbone Gundam ver Ka. Master Grade

Gundam Weapons: Amphibious MS Edition

MS Era: UC 0001-0099

Wild Flower - Shunya Yamashita Illustrations II

Gundam Seed Astray Vol 2 & 3

Skullman Vol 2

Initial D Vol 13 & 21

Macross Vol. 1-7

Gravion & Gravion Zwei Boxset

Jam Project CD & Shirt (signed)

Rave Goggles with Red Lenses

2 chibi mecha stickers from abortedCreativity

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I didn't have a whole lot of money to buy stuff, but I got...

TH7.5: Immaterial and Missing Power

TH10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

IOSYS - Gossun Remix Ein and Zwai (sic)

JAM Project CD and Shirt

Otakon 2008 Shirt

Some Spice and Wolf doujinshi for a friend

And a little chibi fox sticker (free for a dollar? ^_^ I can't complain though)

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haruhi and mikiru posable figures

haruhi snuggle pillow

code geass LE season 1 box

lucky star LE episode 1

lucky star LE episode 2

stuffed strawberry cake cat

solar powered pikachu bobble head

and countless bottles of ICE COLD WATER! ONE DOLLA!

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Otakon 2008 swag:

Dealer's Room:

Gravitation Box Set

Two Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Figures (Auron and Basch)

Otakon 2008 t-shirt

Final Fantasy Playarts Sephiroth figure (He's keeping Kadaj company now ^^)

Artist Alley:

Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright Objection Print.

Devil May Cry 3 stickers- Chibi Dante w/ Nevan and Chibi Vergil.

Devil May Cry bookmark- Dante eating a strawberry sundae with demons looming behind.

Crisis Core bookmark with Sephiroth rocking out on his sword, Angeal playing the drums , and Genesis belting out some sweet notes on his microphone-sword lol.

Chibi one-winged Sephiroth cellphone charm

A set of cute earrings from Lolitas and Cream

Spent more in the Artist Alley this year ^_^ It was so worth it!

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Artist's Alley:

-"Purewater" (print)

-print ("Genesis," i think is its title) & sticker

-"Pontianak" (print)

-"Look out! He's got a gun!" shark t-shirt xD

Think that's all from the alley... I was stupid & didn't get a map of it; i couldn't find the majority of people i watch on DA. So no puddle bunnies for me. :( Ah well....

Dealer's Room:

-"Kera" (July issue; only $7, are you kidding me?)

-"Cure" (July issue; got it Sun. so it was only $5!)

All the Sun. band's CDs:

-MarBell "Sister"

-Daizy Stripper "Cross"

-The Underneath "Moon Flower"

And, the most amazing things i bought!

-Dragon Knights #2 (Japanese)

-DK #3 (Japanese)

-DK #26 (Japanese)

And think that's it. Not counting running to CVS for food. ^ ^;

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i got a pirate bunny ring from cute plush and some stickers and a book from aurura cause i felt bad for taking the freebies all in my 15 min mad dash to the dealers room.

my sis also got me some manga from a table with 2.00 manga and 5.00 yaoi manga, if anyone knows what the shop name was let me know!!!

If anyone bought from my table in artist alley let me know too <3

I wanted a marbell cd signed but I couldn't get it >.< I didn't even see any j-rock booths in my 15 min mad dash T^T

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Here is what I spent money on at Otakon:

A painted casted model of Motoko Kusanagi at the Art Auction

An Makoto Uno artbook

Vol. 1 of Black Lagoon Manga

Vol. 7-9 of Claymore Manga

Blood the Last Vampire DVD

Code Geass Vol. 1 and 2 Bundle.

Tmode 2008 membership

Framed Canvas of Asuka

Print of Wonder Woman (Comic book fan, also)

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I got a Sword Of Omens replica and a Kasumi (DOA) figure.

One thing I now deeply regret NOT buying was the $80 Street Fighter Tribute hard cover art book from the Udon booth. I just now found out that it is a convention exclusive and will not be sold anywhere else. I wish I would have known that before I left. :( :::CRY:::

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Otakon merchandise!

Both my wife and I bought the Otakon T shirts (the artwork was awesome this year), and i bought the blue polo shirt.

Does anyone know if otakon is considering selling the long sleeve button down shirts in the future like they did several years ago?

We also bought some buttons and prints from the Artist's Alley which were pretty cool.

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I actuly found what I was looking for but I was not impresed by the prices of manga - either they didn't have what I wantd or it cost too much and i can get it at home for cheaper. but I did find my bento (and ended up getting 2) I went once and after going back it turned out they had diffrent ones that were cuter ! waiting is important soemtimes it gets you WIN! I also found phone charms and a lucky cat!


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I spent too much but here goes:

Monster Hunter Illustrations Book $53.00

Yoshitoshe ABe Artbook $67.00

Uno Artbook $39.00

Capcom Design Works Artbook $42.00

Udon Hardcover Street Fighter Book $80.00

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Manga $10.95

Evangelion Zeruel Genki Hat $16.00

Naruto Nine Tails Keychain $5.00

Naruto Tsunade Keychain $5.00

Godzilla Mecha Godzilla Trading Figure $15.00

Godzilla Godzilla 2003 Trading Figure $15.00

Evangelion Rei Tradiing Figure $8.00

Revoltech Fraulein Pocco Figure $25.00

Otakon Luggage Tag $4.00

Otakon Polo Shirt $25.00

Satisfied smile on my face: Priceless

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The HLJ guy suckered me into buying the Clayz Miyako Miyamura that was released a couple months back. It's a nicely crafted kit but I'll never find the time to put it together ;_; Still it's a beauty. As beautiful as plastic polymer can be anyways.

Didn't get much else--JAM Project CD, t-shirt; Otakon t-shirt, couple volumes of Someday's Dreamer Spellbound.

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4-piece set of the Melancholy of Haruhi characters, cat form.

2 'random' boxes of Haruhi characters

2 'random' boxes of Geass characters, C.C + Kallen


Lucky*Star Art Book

Everybody Cosplay! by Jan Kurosaki

A ton of doujins I've long been after

Posters Prints and More!

3 SSBB Posters from Bleedman

1 Lucky*Star Poster Giveaway (Thanks Bandai!)

1 Zero Suit Samus Poster Print

1 C.C. Poster Print

1 Kallen Poster Print

1 Yoruichi Poster Print (Thanks for the free stuff!)

1 each of Chibi L + Itachi stickers (Thanks for the free stuff!)

Model Kits

Code Geass - Guilford's Vincent

Code Geass - Kallen's Gurren

Code Geass - Spinzaku's Lancelot Conquista R2

-If anyone has English instructions to these (don't NEED them, just wanna see the translation if it exists, fanatic >_>) please PM me.


Yugioh The Abridged Series Grandpa + Limey Man Shirts

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya SOS Brigade Armband (Thanks Bandai!)


Code Geass DVD Limited Edition Art Box 1


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Body Pillow

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We ended up with one of those cool $1 bills stamped "Otakon 2008" as a result of getting change from buying something either in the dealer's room or the artist's alley, does anyone know where those came from? We only noticed it after we left the con on Sunday.

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I'm spending too much at conventions nowadays, though I did get some good deals this time.

-2 Futurama figures (Fry and Bender)

-3 Super Mario Galaxy figures (Mario/Luma, Peach, and Rosalina)

-Lucky Star Kagami figure (random)

-Otakon 2008 shirt

-Otakon Hiroko-chan plush

-4 Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs ($5 each! Original editions too, not the Viridian Collection!)

-3 volumes of the Eureka Seven manga ($2 each!)

-2 Eureka Seven keychains (Renton and Eureka, I hung them on my badge for the rest of the con)

-Shin-chan cell phone strap

-Cowboy Bebop Complete Collection DVD set

And free Eureka Seven and Lucky Star shirts from the Bandai Surprise panel :)

Those FMA DVDs and Eureka Seven manga made me very happy.

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Dragon Head vols. 8,9,10

Nana vol. 11

Nosatsu Junkie vol. 4

Knockout Makers vol. 2

High School Debut vol. 3, 4

Sailor Moon Key Chain

Urahara Key Chain

Gothic and Lolita Bible

Beer Chan shirt

"kyoot" shirt

2007 and 2008 Otakon tshirt

Otakon hoodie

"I love Manga" key chan

Pac-man vinyl stickers for car

L vinyl sticker for Car

Gantz Box for vol 7-10.

Rilakkuma Tea Mug

Naruto mug

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I went straight for the JAM Project merchandise. I bought one of the special tour CDs and two T-shirts for myself. I ended up buying a second CD after my daughter stole the first one for the autograph session. :D I also bought another T-shirt as omiage for my son.

I would have bought JAM Project's new CD and DVD at Otakon, but it wasn't there. I ended up ordering it through CD Japan.

Aside from that, the rest was omiage for family members: a wallet for my husband and various keychain dolls for the other daughters.


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I bought DaizyStripper's album CROSS and Dir en grey's Withering to death. :D

I saw a lot of prints that I wanted to get from the Artist Alley but didn't buy anything since I realized that there would be no way I could bring them home without getting crushed or bent.

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