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What did you buy at Otakon?

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For some odd reason I thought I replied to this thread *blames it on working to hard*

Let's see what did I buy this year................

Otakon Shirt of course,

A tail

A fox mask

New Set of Kitty Ears, cause a girl can ever have too many Kitty Ears!

curious to see what they will have next year.

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It seems to be tradition now that I drop loads of money in the DR for DVDs I'm not able to get during the school season. I would get them but my attention goes else where. Now since it's college this time, even more distractions!


.hack//Roots DVD 1-6

Code Geass DVD 1-2

DBZ S1 Boxset

Gurren Lagann Sub DVD 1-2

Lucky Star DVD 1-2


My Otome DVD 4-5

Yu Yu Hakusho S1 Boxset

FMA Manga 15-16

Death Note wallscroll

Sunshine Sketch Manga 1

BLU Spy employee tag

Not Pictured: DBZ Boxset 2-4, Code Geass wallscroll, Pani Poni Dash wallscroll

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