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Judges' Awards

Michael: Jen Sondheimer

Jamie: Tara Wood

Amanda: Erin Smith

Tarisa: Tini Clayton, Audrey Fields and Kristin Woodson


Honorable Mention: Sarah Forae

3rd Place: Chelsey Cruz

2nd Place: Alice Lee

1st Place: Katie Del Giudice


Honorable Mention: Chris Gary and Mike Garasic

3rd Place: Jewels L

2nd Place: Shannon Anderson

1st Place: Joshua Eder


3rd Place: Greg Clark

2nd Place: Amanda Shockley

1st Place: Elizabeth Schram

Best of Friday: Kristin Twesme


Judges' Awards

Tarisa: Amanda Ernst, Robert Ramsey, Julia Duyckink, and Steph Douglas

Amanda: Josh Huggett

Mike: David Lettieri

Jamie: Catherine Beiter


Honorable Mention: Scout Isensee

3rd Place: Derek Zimmerman

2nd Place: Kelly Coffman

1st Place: Katie Hitchens


Honorable Mention: Allaina Stewart, Nikki Palmer, Terri Moore, Joani Schaffner

3rd Place: Will Frazier, Kirsten Miller, and Melissa Pitts

2nd Place: Samantha Kingsland and Julien Nicols

1st Place: Andrea Zampella


3rd Place: Jo Bornhoeft

2nd Place: Erica Greenwold, Carly Bradt, Stephanie Ward and Mark Baker

1st Place: Margaret Mulcare

Best of Saturday: Amanda Weber


3rd: Grace Ayala

2nd: Gillian Brazinski

1st: Abigail Brazinski

Staff Awards

Awesome Wings of Doom: Michelle (Van of Escaflowne)

Hot Vampire Award: Paul (Alucard of Castlevania)

Best of Weekend: Tamara Heagy

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