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Notable cosplays!

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Did you take a picture of soemone who you think desives to me mentioned for an intrestinf outfit or cosplay??

not just one that is a great cosplay but one that was done in an intresting way no else seemed to have though of

A lot of people had amazing outfits that looked just like the charater but I want to give dew cradit to the lesser mentioned outfits that were just as great

Gloomy Bear!!!!!


this was funny :3

if this is you or you know this person please contact me I'm intreted in joining your group



Knit Miku Hatsune!!!!!!!!! this was really cute :3


Sano and the huge blade

I took the first pic... i just wish that poll was not in the way ;_;


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I have a few people I'd like to give shout outs to for great cosplays:

The Seifer who took a picture with me at the FF photoshoot on Saturday at 1PM:


Totally in character and really awesome all around.

Nanaki and Barrett cosplayers!


This gorgeous Fran from FFXII:


The lady who built this:


And the Doctor Who who so conveniently stopped by for an opportune photography session

The amazing Kingdom Hearts Belle:


The Yojimbo cosplayer who I don't have a picture of because it's on my friend's camera, but I believe you took a picture of me as Tifa after I took a picture of you. You were awesome!

And the fantastic Pirates of the Carribbean cosplayers (Will, Jack, Barbossa) who sadly I missed a chance to take a picture of as they were coming in the con.

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This couple was very original to me. They were the one that cospalyed that...(that I ever had the chance to see, anyways)


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