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Oh the Joys of Otakon 2008... Bonvoyage

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Well, this year any and all plans I made for the con seemed to manage to go to hell in a handbasket.


absolutely ALL! At the very least they had to be rescheduled by a day. @__@

Did this happen to anyone else?

I can't believe i'm saying it... but there was TOO much excitement this Otakon.


any interesting or really odd things happen to you this year?

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It was my very first Otakon. :) Nothing really unexpected happened to me, i don't think. I was by myself for the majority of the time, so no hilarious hijinks there. It was a little difficult to ease into, but once Sunday ended, i kind of felt like, "But i was just getting started! And getting comfortable on the floor in the hotel room!" (^ ^;)

The only unexpected thing, probably, was finding manga i didn't expect to find in Japanese. I had to exert a ridiculous amount of self-control to keep from squeaking & bouncing around the Dealer's Room. > >;

Overall, it was a good first Otakon. :)

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