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Saturday Night Photographers?

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So the story is there were at least a couple of different photographers running around late, roughly 10-11:30 pm, outside of the BCC, the part of the BCC by registration to be exact. I was photographed by a couple of them but failed to get any information (due to misc. reasons and a sob story I won't go into lol) and was wondering if anybody else did because they took some really awesome pictures that I'm dying to see.

One of the was a guy who had two female helpers(or so I recall) with him and had a flash thing and such. The other one I remember was about 30ish and had blonde hair and took a whole bunch of epic pictures of me as Ed with a transmutation circle.

Did anybody else get photographed outside the BCC(the part by registration) and have info/know who were the photographers? Or were photographed outside at that time? I haven't had any luck finding who they were at all...=(

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