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Financially Ruined!

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This year for Otakon I budgeted pretty well. Money's been tight since gas went up, but I saved like a good otaku for the big event.

Well, Otakon came, I lived and had a good time with old and new friends, spent, and Otakon went...

The Tuesday after, I got in a 5 mph accident where I was found @ fault. The cop gave me 2 tickets. One for Careless Driving, the other for failing to yeild @ a stop. (long story short, it's costed me $1100 so far and will probably cost $500 more after the prosecutor)

So.. all @ once IN between late July and August I've accumulated quite a bit of debt:

$500 - Next semester (part time, local college)

$270 - auto tune up (preventative)

$400 - Otakon

$500 - Car repair (cosmetic)

$550 - Lawyer

$144 - cancelling a gym membership

$150? - Books for next semester

$500? - Prosecutor for Tickets.

That's $2714... And work has been slow.

Anyone else going through financial woes?

(Thanks to the web comic posted on the boards for the idea of this thread)

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Wow.... that's pretty terrible... I made the mistake of not paying close attention to my spending and spent all my money for books (all 500 of it) and went back to work only to be told that my hours were going to be cut in half. So otakon has left me without books and completely broke (as it does pretty much every year) and now I make just enough to cover bills.... who needs food and gas? Not me. And books for college? nope, I've got a mountain of manga to read, they would only collect dust anyway. ><

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I spent about $100 more than I'd budgeted (ohhhh you cels are tricksy), but my bank account will recover. I guess budgeting is just something you learn? Although if overspending is a perennial problem for you, try bringing only cash, and no cards at all. That way, when you're out - you're out.

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Wow! That sux! :( I wish you luck. Yeah, not quite in such a bad spot, but I too wound up spending more than I planned, which messed up a couple of CCs a bit. And I had drained my bank account, so I really couldn't do much to fix it. But luckily my economic stimulus check was delayed due to problems/complications, so that just came in the mail and totally saved my butt. Thank you IRS! :D

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Eh, luck is changing a bit, got a $100 tip for burning and labeling DVD copies (Of a client's son's football game for college recruiters, home video, legal).

Hope people start calling to get computers repaired. I needs moneys. <= (

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The Books... ::crawls into corner::

I wish there were laws protecting students from financial predators....

Half.com is my savior, I managed to get all the books I needed for about 1/8th of the evil bookstores costs.... so I'm still in financial ruin, but not quite as deeply as I thought I would be.

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Financial woes is exactly the reason I couldn't make it to Otakon this year. >_<

I'm around $2500 in debt, but it's mostly due to medical expenses. And I was thinking I could go to Otakon, as I had some savings, and then BAM I found out from my previous landlord that his mortgage company was threatening foreclosure because he was a few months behind in payments. So I had to move suddenly and used the savings I did have towards the deposit on the new place.

I'm doing okay financially now, but I still have that credit card debt. Every time I start to make some headway on it, something else happens.

I'm hoping I'll be able to go to Otakon next year, but it's almost a year away and so much can happen between now and then.

Also, you guys who are spending WELL beyond your means better get into gear. Your credit scores affects a lot of things. Learning to budget now will help you budget better later. Sometimes you have to sacrifice anime goods to pay off the necessities.

And whenever you set a limit for what you spend, STICK WITH IT. With the economy and job market the way it is, now is not the time to be frivolous.

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I went under my budget by $120, got a bonus about 2 weeks before con and my $2per/hour raise kicked in the week after con. So to answer your question, no.

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this thread makes me feel better about myself and my sad financial situation. i am also having money woes after otakon - even though i didn't spend that much this year [roughly $300]. doesn't help that I'm a student AND i currently can't find a job.... freakin' economy.........

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