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Need Help With Accessory

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Well ive started for the next con.. <sigh> im one of those who has to lose weight for my cosplay.. and its going pretty good lol

Anyways ill be going as Dr. Haruaki Akai from Maburaho.. And i cant seem to find anything simliar to his glasses anywhere.. not even on Ebay.. <sigh>... Also the bands on his arm are hard to find as well

Heres a picture : Dr. Akai!!!!!!

If you know where i could get them commissioned please do tell... This is by far my favorite male anime character and i want to cosplay as him this year


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Modify some plastic frames by cutting off the tops and gluing the lenses in the bottom piece, then make the bands with snaps to go around your arm

with a vinyl or gold fabric and heavy interfacing, padded interfacing and not stiff interfacing.... the gems can be made out of clay and then colored by painting them with the proper color nail enamel...

hope this helps

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I know a good trick for the metal armbands, get some foam sheets (you can get them at a craft store), then use puffy paint (like people used on shirts years ago), to paint the details. Spraypaint the whole thing gold afterwards and glue on the gems/whatever.

You'll probably need to punch holes in the bands and lace them up under your arms. The foam stays flexible, and really looks like armor/jewelry.

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