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OtaProject 09 - Lagann

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Hey everyone! I've got myself a rather silly idea, and there's all the reason in the world to start planning early. I'm sure many of you have seen this picture:


Kamina and Simon. But Simon in Lagann. Is that not a fantastic thing? If you check out Bored Horror's profile at cosplay.com, you'll find pictures of her Simon from Sakuracon 08, where she was in a cardboard replica of Lagann. So, it's doable.

I'm tapping whatever fonts of inspiration and knowledge I have available to me. How might any of you suggest going about this? Coardboard and craft foam? Fiberglass? I got an interesting suggestion of covering cardboard with vinyl, yet I want to make something structurally sound.

I received in the mail earlier today the best reference one could ask for: the Konami Impact Model of Lagann, which you can see here:


Also... well, I'd be Simon in this thing, of course. But which version would people look forward to seeing? Post-timeskip Simon in the jumpsuit, or Captain GARlock Simon?

Any and all comments and advice will be much appreciated. I'll update progress as I get along with the planning and construction.

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O.o Can't wait to see this at next years Otakon. I would definitely go for fiberglass or something similar with something like this, at least for the large panels and over all structure. Cardboard and craft foam always seem to have issues when you start using them for full suits of armor and things of this scale.

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