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I was the PS2 Haruhi cosplay on Friday from England for those who may recognise/know/remember me and although it's not garantueed that I can come out to America for Otakon next year I'm gunna damn well try. And I'd like to see a really big...and DIVERSE...Haruhi group.

Now I know we had a big group this year and yay to everyone who turned up to the 3 o'clock dance by the fountains. I mean we had Space Commander versions, my PS2, generic school uniform, cheerleaders......but that's only a FRACTION of what Haruhi cosplayers can do.

So come on people, we've got a year....let's try and get the biggest, most diverse Haruhi group the world has ever seen, all in one place.

I know it's really easy to get hold of the school uniform but seeing a bunch of say 10 is no longer impressive. So just so everyone knows what I mean by diversity here's a list of the most well known outfits for characters from Haruhi to Emiri (girl with pale green wavy hair).

Regular Uniform - Summer/Winter, Boy/Girl


Cheerleading Uniform


Super Power - Yuki (witch), Mikuru (crime-fighting waitress from the future)

Yuki - http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1100/134723..._d66c383cf7.jpg

Mikuru - http://www.tmpanime.com/images/medium/4545784040652_MED.jpg

Bunny Suit - Haruhi (black), Mikuru (red), Yuki (white), Ryoko Asakura (blue), Tsuruya (yellow), Emiri Kimidori (violet), Kyon's sister (pink)


Rock Star - Haruhi (two-piece uniform with black skirt and top resembling a corset), Mikuru (pink frilly dress), Yuki (red jacket and black mini-skirt), Kyon (white shirt, cropped green jacket, black chocker, jeans), Itsuki (shirt and slacks?), Ryoko Asakura (a dress with lots of frills), Tsuruya (black cocktail dress and black chocker), Emiri Kimidori (frilly yellow top...), Kyon's sister (red tube top, red skirt/shorts, black jacket and hoop earings), Taniguchi (Red and white jacket, no shirt underneath), Kunikida (white jacket with blue collar)

Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki - http://download.minitokyo.net/304373/

Mikuru - http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/311417/

Everybody - http://download.minitokyo.net/305298/

Tsuruya - http://download.minitokyo.net/285454/

Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki, Kyon, Itsuki, Ryoko Asakura, Tsuruya - http://download.minitokyo.net/289069/

Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki, Kyon, Itsuki - http://download.minitokyo.net/302453/

Battle Space Commander - Haruhi (red), Mikuru (pink with nurse like cap), Yuki (white with beret hat), Kyon (blue), Itsuki (green), Computer Club President

Haruhi and Kyon - http://download.minitokyo.net/272647/

Yuki - http://www.designchronicle.com/memento/ima...uutsu1120LG.jpg

Itsuki - http://www.designchronicle.com/memento/ima...uutsu1125LG.jpg

Mikuru - http://www.designchronicle.com/memento/ima...uutsu1130LG.jpg

Computer Club President - http://www.designchronicle.com/memento/ima...uutsu1137LG.jpg

PS2 - The Perplexity of Haruhi Suzumiya - Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki, Kyon, Itsuki, Tsuruya

1st version:-

Haruhi - http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/302056/

Yuki - http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/323139/

Mikuru, Yuki - http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/326280/

Yuki, Tsuruya - http://bp1.blogger.com/_Ix4lHgkxCGU/Rqc-PV...0-h/tomadoi.jpg

Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki, Kyon, Itsuki - http://youtube.com/watch?v=u6F0cCcSvI8&feature=related

2nd version:-

Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki and what looks like Itsuki - http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a288/Nebs66/scan0001.jpg

Haruhi - http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2089/224036...4e26761b3_o.jpg

Yuki - http://yetanotheranimenewsblog.blogspot.co...01_archive.html

Lolita/Maids - Haruhi (black and white with lots of frills), Mikuru (white dress, black arm warmers, black neck tie), Mikuru 2 (orange skirt, white top, black bow tie and garter), Yuki (plaid lolita dress), Tsuruya (blue dress, white apron)

Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki - http://download.minitokyo.net/260902/

Haruhi - http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/317642/

Mikuru 2 - http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/307678/

Tsuruya - http://suzumiya-haruhi.animeshinobi.com/pi...s/tsuruya_1.jpg

To my count that's about 49 different cosplayers, cross-play welcome. Let's try and get as few repeats as we can ^_^

Photoshoot on Friday at 3 o'clock by the fountains near all the chairs on the ...is it 3rd floor?

And of course....they'll be dancing :3 So if watching cute girls (and boys) in cosplay dance about is your thing well...you know where we are.




Rock Star Haruhi - Me


Haruhi PS2 2nd version - Me


Kingdom Hearts Haruhi (Original deisgn) - Me

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HEY! I am so excited the first day I am being Director haruhi with a mikuru a kyon and itsuki and an older mikuru. The second day I am being rock haruhi with an entire group including ryoko and tsuruya. I am so excited the costumes have finally come together and they look great. I spazzing so much! YAH! :lol:

We will also be doing these dances


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPO3Jtx4QtI...re=channel_page ( possibly this one, but if we dont get it perfect in time than no)

Also we will do the original dance of course, possibly the longer version if i can get our males to try and practice more! (which I will) but these dances will be done on the second day randomly when we feel like it where ever there is space. (kyons gonna be our boom box holder man!) excited! so look for us! :D

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