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Philly suburb area anime club


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hey everyone me and a friend are starting an anime club in montgomery county we realized theres other ones near us and we wanted to go to them but it was kinda hard to get out to them either it was too early for us night people or too far away

so we deicided to start our own

its gonna be at the horsham public library at 435 Babylon Rd

if you need directions let me know and also since were amatures at this whole thing were not gonna turn down some friendly help

we have a myspace group up for more info on it http://groups.myspace.com/MontCoAnimeSoc

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I would have to hop on the turnpike to get there but what age group are you focusing at? Also what time will it be starting at? I get done work around 4:30 ish and it will probably take me half and hour or so (depending on the world's best drivers on the turnpike!)

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