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Guest drkangl7

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Guest drkangl7

Hi there! Thnx for taking the time to read this humble lil thread. My name's Dark Angel, and yes that's my real name. I thought Id post little back story for those unfamiliar with "OV's" origin.

During Otakon '07, I embarked on a journey to write a book about anime conventions. A team of 9 and 15 months later, we will be publishing said book very, very soon! The title in question is called, "How To Avoid Hara-kiri: A Guide To Surviving Anime Conventions"

The webcomic, "Otaku Variable" was originally just an idea I had to help promote the book, but we've become very attached and would like to continue the project as a regualr webcomic. So with the help of my girlfriend (who does all the art; I write the story/plots), we entered or lil foray into the world of webcomics. We post a pg or 2 every week about all the crazy things that REALLY go down at an anime convention. With the occasional celebrity guest character and everyone who donates [more than the amount of a book order] getting a guest cameo in the story to throw in the mix every once in a while.

The book and webcomic are both first for me and my team, so I really hope you guys enjoy them.

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Guest drkangl7

We have $507.58 banked. We need $572.42 more to publish!

Keep up the support, we appreciate it, cause every penny counts! No seriously, EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

We're halfway home guys! Thanks for the support, we couldn't have gotten this far without you guys! Keep it up!!!

The following have pre-odered How To Avoid Hara-kiri: A Guide To Surviving Anime Conventions

*Zach Hansen-9/19/08

*Megan Gabor-9/21/08

Kari Mencik-9/26/08

Heather Palmer-9/26/08

Arie Montgomery-10/6/08

Erin Knadler-10/7/08

Karen Chong -10/18/08

*Jonathan Sarnecky-10/22/08


Tyrell Thompson-11/1/08

Sean Sierra-11/1/08

Ndabuisi Oken-11/1/08


*Have donated more than the requested $12 and will become characters in the webcomic, Otaku Variable.

>>>Have only paid half of their pre-order


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Guest drkangl7

After a week of technical difficulties, we finally got Otaku Variable up and running again! We've finally collected all that we've needed to publish our book, and will be doing so within the next few days. Everyone who's pre-ordered will see their copies by the end of the month. Check our sites for more info and updates:




Facebook Page = XenoPhoenix

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I'm sorry to say I haven't had a chance to check it out; however, you're really the only person posting in this forum at the moment. We tend to discourage thread-bumping and double-posting here (more information is available in the BBS Guidelines), but you've very thoughtfully provided links to your comic in a few different places, so I'm sure that folks who might be interested will be able to find their way.

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Guest drkangl7

We actually should have the book done and ready for the public by the time you read this reply (and if not, really, really, really soon). Here's a quick video update. You can also keep up to the minute with all the madness at any of the sites I've jotted down in past posts.


Additionally, we are finalizing our personal website (that does everything the other 4 do, but better) to sell the book off of, and that should be up and running just in time for the holiday season! :)

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