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Wondering about a particular artist!


Otakon 2008's artist alley was amazing and my friend and I managed to pick out two awesome prints: One of a man in a gas mask with a coffin strapped to his back sitting next to a boy. The other of several topless teens wearing cat and bunny masks. The art was fantastic but I never got the name or contact of the artist. If anyone recognizes my description of these prints and knows the artist, please let me know. I've been wanting to contact her for more of her work recently but have been unable to find her name thus far. Thanks for your help

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If you enter artist alley her booth was diagonally through the tables to your right. It was two artists and one was playing ds. I just clearly remember prints that were very grey and black. I bought one with a guy who looks like psycho mantis. The other was very silent hill looking with huge cracked animal heads on top of thin bodies.

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