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Beyblade at Otakon: Intrest Check

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Hey Otaku!

My name's JuSMic and I am from the World Beyblade Organization (http://worldbeyblade.org). I'm posting this here to check if there is an interest for a Beyblade competition at Otakon 2009

For those of you who don't know, Beyblade was an incredibly popular hobby in which two players -- Bladers -- battled with customizable spinning tops called Beyblades. The parts of a Beyblade are interchangeable to allow for different strategies. If you're interested, you can check out the WBO Beywiki at http://wiki.worldbeyblade.org.

The manufacturer of Beyblade, Takara-Tomy, put a hiatus on the Beyblade line in 2004. Hasbro, the North American distributor for Beyblade followed suit shortly thereafter. Beyblade slowly faded out around the world, but as you can see from the activity on my website, it touched a special place in many people's hearts and has had an unbelievable amount of international support during a time where Beyblade was not even being produced.

Takara-Tomy shocked everyone by beginning a new Beyblade series, METAL FIGHT BEYBLADE, in the Summer of 2009. You can see the official website here: http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/beyblade

While Takara-Tomy has no plans to develop MFB outside of East Asia until 2010, the series is already gaining traction as many Bladers import the models. Again, the resounding support of the international Beyblade community has made this a viable decision for importers. The WBO is dedicated to sustaining the Beyblade community until official support reaches overseas.

There had been a succesful event at Anime North in Torronto which was hosted by the administrator of the WBO. However, Being a native to the city of Baltimore and have been attending Otakon since 2004,I was wondering if there'd be any interest in doing an event here. For people who don't own any Beyblades, we would make Beyblades available at the event for purchase at the same price I would pay to obtain them, or possibly free, depending on the financial situation. We would run a panel dedicated to new Beyblade players as well. If any of you are interested in learning, or interested in reliving something you may have experienced many years ago, we would be happy to bring a Beyblade event to Otakon for 2009.

Ps. I'm sorry if this was posted in the wrong fourm and thanks for reading.

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Wow, sounds very unique! I'd definately bring mine and participate!

xD Im still laughing at the idea though. I was not expecting something like this to be mentioned! (not to be of any offense)

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