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Decisions, Decisions...

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So, since this is my first con EVAR, and I'm coming all the way from England for it, I want my cosplay to be something special to see, and also special to me. In the end, I've decided on cosplaying Casshern. The problem is...which one?

There are 2 competitors in my decision; The Sins costume , or the Live action movie costume...

The way I see it is that Sins is simpler, much simpler. But the helmet would be fussy to transport and would probably break easier. Also, I'm lazy. I'm very thin, but I haven't got a muscle on me, and while wearing a skin-tight white jumpsuit, you need to look good :)

The movie outfit is so, so, SO cool, but very detailed. The time it would take to make it look half decent is probably more time than I have for one thing. No helmet, which is good, but the mask is overall more complicated anyway. Looking at it, it is padded alot aswell, so no extra workouts for me there! Main problem though...look at the back! Yowza!

So, what do you think? Any advice?

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Make the sins one, you can always use the base pattern from the first to make the second later on if you get really antsy, but you'll have something that can look clean in a few months after making it for the con. Good luck

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Actually, I've decided that due to time and money restraints, I'm gonna do something completly different, Zidane from FF9. Thanks for you suggestions though, I'll take them into consideration for 'next' year!

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