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artist question


i commisoned a picture from an artist at otakon this year, and i lost her email address. she had a couple of tables set up, and her website was slyviashi.com. she also had up at the auction a picture of morrigan from darkstalkers, and a picture of characters from final fantasy 7:advent children that was taken down. if anyone knows who i am talking about and can give me an email address/new website, it would be greatly appricated so i can get the art i bought from her.

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I don't know who she is, but a quick google search for sylvia shi tells me that you got involved in the amuria drama. There is a lot being said about this circle of artists on the net, and I wont go into detail about it.

Your best bet in my opinion is to try and contact her friend amuria through her DA page at http://amuria.deviantart.com/ , since sylvia's deviantart account ( http://ryo0oki.deviantart.com/ ) has been banned. You might get some contact info out of sylvia's sheezy page at http://ryo0oki.sheezyart.com/ as well.

Again, not coming from otakon, just someone doing research here.

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