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Deadlines for AMV, Masquerade, Artists, etc?


I am hoping to take my Otakon participation beyond just cosplay this year and I wanted to know what the deadlines for the various forms of participation are.

When would AMVs need to be submitted for consideration in the AMV contest?

When would I need to notify intent to participate in Masquerade/Talent Show?

When would I need to notify intent to participate as an Artist?

When would I need to indicate my availability to be a volunteer/go-fer?

If this information is available through the website, I wasn't able to locate it (and regarding the website, it doesn't work well with Chrome, but it does with IE and Firefox)

Are there other possibilities for participation, beyond the above (and other than vendor)? If so, could you please provide more details about those?

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Well, "when it's ready" doesn't necessarily mean "not immediate." It could mean soon.

But we don't sit on or hide these things from you all - when it's done, it gets put up. Announcements will be made on the website and (usually) also here on the BBS. So keep an eye out if there's something you're super interested in, and you won't miss it.

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Are they going to post info on the artist alley before sign ups begin, or will it be all at once? It will be my first time participating in the alley (::fingers crossed::wub: and I didn't get a chance to read the info for last year's alley before it was taken down for this year. I have a general idea of what to expect, but I'm anxious to read the specifics.

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