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"Old School" anime programming?


Hi guys. Going to Otakon for the first time this year (but not my first anime con, though, having been to Anime Next and Anime Expo) and I'm really excited.

My question is, though, I'm somewhat more of an "Old school" fan. While I do like some newer or still running shows like Macross Frontier, Inuyasha, Detective Conan, and others, these days I'm more into stuff from the 80s and 90 like Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, the original Macross, etc.

So when they show anime in the screenings at Otakon, will it mostly be stuff from the last few years a la Naruto or Death Note, or will I be able to find myself a screening of, say, Kimagure Orange Road?

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You'll feel right at home. Otakon usually has at least six video rooms going on throughout the weekend. You have a little Naruto, but it's mostly stuff you don't see often or won't see anywhere else. One room is all wacky live-action stuff. One room is all HD. A lot of more obscure stuff gets its time to shine.

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