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Participating in more than one panel


Are people allowed to be in more than one panel? I did not see anything about it on the panels page but I would just like to make sure. I'm not asking for any monstrous number. I would just like to participate in two panels.

Also, if I am allowed to ask, why has the panels policy changed from a few weeks ago when it said that a panel could have a maximum of four panelists to now only allowing two panelists?

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And I just noticed that new policy about two panelists. This does kind of throw a wrench into things. I'm sure a lot of experienced panelists (including me) have their dream team as it were set to go. Only being able to bring two people is kind of discouraging.

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I would have to agree with the above about the 2 panelists rule.

I am rather curious because it really does throw a huge wrench into our operations. Would it be possible to include more than 2 panelists, but just have two "primary" panelists be eligible for a comped or post con refund as stated above?

And to be honest, I'm willing to bet that there's going to be some guest panels that will include more than 2 panelists and maybe a moderator as well. I'm not exactly confident that the 2 panelist rule will fly too well within the fan panels community, especially with exceptions that may apply to the guests and industry panels.

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