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Rush hour

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Ok, this will be my sixth otakon, but my first time driving there.....

I know The basic rush hour times are like 8am,12pm,3pm.....Are there anyother times I need to watch out for on the beltway and in Baltimore, I really dont want to get stuck in traffic.

Will the traffic be worse because of the blocked off streets this year?

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Traffic will be heavy because of the construction on Lombard Streets, though the road closures up in Mt Royal/Mt Vernon shouldn't affect downtown traffic (i.e., where Otakon is) too much.

The worst travel times on weekdays on local interstates are as follows:

Southbound 95 NORTH of Baltimore 7:30-9:30am (so people coming from Philly/New York/points northeast should be aware on Friday morning)

Northbound 95 SOUTH of Baltimore 7:30-9:00am (people coming from DC/VA/points south)

I-695 on the WEST side of the city (southwest I-95 interchange/Catonsville/the I-70 interchange/etc) both from 7:30-9am AND 3:30-7pm

I-695 on the NORTH side of the city (Towson/Timonium/I-83 interchange/the Jones Falls Expressway) from 7:30-9am AND 3:30-7pm

DC area roads (495, 395 in DC, the B/W Parkway, etc) are notoriously congested - particularly in the afternoons on summer Fridays. If you're planning to travel through DC on Thursday or Friday afternoon, plan to add at least an hour to your listed commute time.

That's the general rule of thumb; traffic might be lighter on some days than it is on others, and it might also be heavier during the offpeak times.

Good luck :)

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