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Silent Bob & New Partner (Clerks/Askewverse Cosplays)

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Hello all,

I just want to express my upmost gratitude to everyone who makes Otakon work and to all the fans who make the magic happen.

That being said, I have been cosplaying as Silent Bob (I would take him for a comic book/anime fan) for going on two years now at various events, but never without my Jay. This year, though, I finally have my Jay! Well..Jayson? Jason? Yep. That's right. Jason is going to be my replacement this year. Friday the 13th Jason. How is this related to anime, you ask? It just is!

I was also wondering if there will be any more "Clerks" cosplays at the Con this year. My wife will be dressing as a moobys employee. Will there be any Dante & Randalls? Even other Silent Bobs! I would love to pick a time this weekend for a meetup and group posing at a good location.

Also, this Silent Bob will be participating in the Thriller tribute to Michael Jackson. Can't wait!

Aaah, several more days until the con!

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Hooray for another Kevin Smith fan! ^^

So YOU'RE the Silent Bob I see all the time then... >_> =P

Love the movies, not cosplaying anything from Clerks though lol. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for the Mooby's funployee though haha.

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