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A whole bunch of anime free/cheap to good home

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I'm in the middle of some serious downsizing and instead of trying to take my old or unwatched anime to Record and Tape Traders and getting $1/disc or something, I thought I'd try to make sure these go to people who will enjoy them as much as I either did or didn't get around to. Some of these are even still in shrink wrap. This list will be ever-changing as I keep digging through boxes. I am willing to give all of this away if you want to pick it up from me, or we can arrange something through Paypal to pay for shipping. PM me if interested in any of these:

Texhnolyze vols 1-4

Serial Experiments Lain vols 1-??

Trigun vol 1

The Fuccons vols 0, 2 (1 is around somewhere...)

Gankutsuou vol 1

Cowboy Bebop Remix vol 2

Samurai Champloo vol. 6 Limited Collectors Edition

Viewtiful Joe 1-3


Onmyoji 2

Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Goemon) complete collection

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I'm interested. My anime collection is really lacking right now... besides Fist of the North Star episodes, Samurai 7, Ninja Scroll, Records of Lotoss Wars, and a few random movies I've got zilch. I used to have a ton of Animes in VHS, but our basement had 4 foot of water in it a few years back and they were ruined...

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