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Personal Viewing Booths or Karaoke-Style Rooms

Better Investment to Otaku  

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  1. 1. If you had to choose one within a gaming/anime center, Which would you pay for?

    • Personal Viewing Booths
    • Karaoke Rompus Rooms

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Hello everyone! Yamada Atomic here. some of you know me, some of you do not.

My crew and I are about to go into business with invested backers to bring both gamers and otaku a center on the east coast that aims to bring a bit of Japanese entertainment to the states.

A few of the head investors(mostly gamers) and the creative minds(otaku) are at odds on the backers wanting to charge a fee for use of private listening booths in the center at which you can bring your own anime to watch. like a station you would see at the library.

We otaku think that karaoke style rompus rooms for groups would offer more of an investment. and would warrant better profit, in an attempt to compromise with the backers who insist on charging for every single thing in the shop. The main person on the backers side has been documented admitting that "Anime is not his thing", "I only focus on MMO gaming", and "The area would not be important to him"...you can imagine the reaction that that brought out of us otaku involved.

So we are collecting hard data from fellow otaku. I want to know your thoughts:

Would you rather pay a fee for personal viewing booths for watching your own anime(from home) or Japanese Karaoke-style rompus rooms?

And we thank you for your opinions. And we look forward to seeing you all at Otakon 2010!


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Rooms where you'd have to pay to watch anime that you'd already paid for? I don't think really see how that's going to be productive. It's kinda like a BYOB bar charging you to drink your own beer - why would you pay for the privilege of doing something that you've already paid for? If you charge a fee for private viewing rooms of anime that you (the center) provide, then you might have an idea with some traction - but you'd have to make sure that you keep your library current with new anime that comes out.

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I don't know many anime watchers that would pay to watch a DVD they they already purchased (otaku tend to be on the 'cheap' side, so they have more money for more anime..). If you want to charge for booths, do a private gaming booth. Put like an xbox in there with certain games all hooked up to a network, and have lans. That might be fun.

Or do what was said above, and provide the anime. But still i doubt it will be that popular, seeing as people can buy it and watch it in their own private viewing rooms (their living rooms), or just stream it from the internet. The only thing you could really do is sell the anime there, and offer a complimentary booth to view it in (preferably complimentary, but i guess you could charge a small amount to keep the investors happy).

Just remember with a place like this, its not really how much you make from individuals, it is if they choose to return because they were pleased with the experience. Get a base of customers who are happy, and you will make the money later...

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