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Didn't want this to get buried

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I remember one of the big complaints was about how rude a lot of the Convention Center staff were to Otakon members. Our incident with their lack of professionalism didn't occur until we were leaving on the final day when they were DEMANDING that everyone leave and my daughter had just had an accident which I thought required medical attention.

I chronicled that incident in an earlier post, but the thing I want to note is that at the feedback session (and later here) Otakon leaders kept suggesting that we get the person's name and address all issues to BCC hierarchy. Well here are 2 names that you could mention to the rude employee (if any) at the next convention:

Center Director: Peggy Daidakis 410-649-7111, pdaidakis@bccenter.org

Deputy Director: Claire Copsey 410.649.7121, ccopsey@bccenter.org

I'm sure most of you have 'moved on' from any unpleasant incident which may have occurred, but what happened to us (obviously) still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I know that if I see anyone being abused by center staff next year not only am I taking names, I'm taking pictures.

It's sad to think that OTAKON was awarded the #1 Customer of the Year by Baltimore at the same time people who were spending their hard earned money in their city were being treated so poorly inside the center.

Hopefully, that won't happen again next year.

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Thanks, this is definitely going to help out next year when BCC staff thinks they can use a myriad of four letter words to address attendees and get away with it.

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