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Various articles about VIXX in the Korean media & otakon misspelt?

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I was curious about VIXX so I did a little googling to see how they felt about attending Otakon.

Basically, many of the articles read that they had a positive experience, and many articles speculated that perhaps VIXX is looking to promote in the US. (It looked like everyone took the same base article and paraphrased it.)

I was also curious to see how the Korean media would portray Otakon to Korea:

Would they explain the convention's content and scale, or would they simply list it as an American venue?

Some news articles only mentioned that Otakon was in Baltimore, which was in America.

Many articles mentioned that Otakon is an animation and asian culture festival.

Only one article went as far as saying that it was a "Anime and asian culture festival" (oh no, the dreaded Japanese association!)

There was also some discrepancy about the name of the entire fest. Most of the articles spelled the convention's name as being "yIXrV.png" (=oak-tah-con) rather than j1KvI.png (=oh-ta-kon), perhaps based on how the fest name is said in English (oh-tuh-khan)?

Whereas yIXrV.png only has About 191,000 results on google search, and doesn't lead to Otakon's homepage, a search for j1KvI.png reveals About 4,610,000 results and the top results lead to fan footage, a fan's blog post, and to the homepage (but you have to go digging around for it) and a slew of completely unrelated links.


Goes as far as mentioning Otakon is the second biggest asian culture convention in the US, but then it Koreanifies the fest name as "yIXrV.png" sleep.png;

It also says that VIXX attending Otakon is a hot topic (but I'm not sure with whom it is claiming it is a hot topic. With its fan base? With Otakon? With the American public? With the Korean public?)


Only mentions that "yIXrV.png" is a "popular fest in baltimore" and that:

They also had a fan meeting due to popular request, and had an official signing event the next day.


"yIXrV.png" and mentions that Otakon is an "asian fest" that is "second biggest in the US"

The news articles feature this quote (towards the end): the Jellyfish Entertainment Representative Hwang Se-jun "was able to have a positive conversation with the staff at the fest, and that there may be some good news to deliver in the near future" perhaps hinting at VIXX' future American promotions.

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The links with "..." are broke.

Edit: Broke BBS. The hangeul you have for oh-ta-kon pronounces the kon more like "cone." A more correct pronunciation is con like contest.

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I'm actually not surprised it's misspelled.... transcription across languages can be a funny little monster....

Though it still makes one kind of sad.png

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Oh.. I thought it was normal for the board to convert them that way.






And yes, the word used for the "kon" part of otakon is synonymous to the "corn" as in "corn chips" hahaha.

However it would be correct to write the "kon" part that way, and not as "kawn" (keon).

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