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Contacting Otakon Photo Suite


How can I get in touch with someone from the Otakon Photo Suite? I have an outstanding issue that was not resolved following last year's convention.


I had ordered a set of photographs from the Photo Suite with the intent to retrieve them on 7/29, but due to unanticipated family issues that took precendence, I had to prioritize, although I knew that I had to concurrently start a dialogue with someone from the Photo Suite.


I had started a conversation with them from the Otakon Photo Suite Facebook page immediately and got in touch with a representative named Jill D. Initially, she had noted that it would be easier to send the digital copies to me but on September 7th, I was notified that the hard drive with all of the photos from the Photo Suite for 2012 had some problems, but that they had hoped to correct the situation soon and be able to issue me a print release so that I can print them or have them professionally printed elsewhere. I asked Jill to keep in touch with me but to date I have not received any further communication.

Are purchases that are not picked up after the convention destroyed? Are they unable to process payments after the convention? In

archived threads from previous similar situations, they had worked with the recipients. I just want to either receive the physical copies that were printed and unable to retrieve (I'd pay shipping), or digitial copies of the photos (which is probably the only feasible option.)

Please let me know what can be done. i still have the original receipt and the photo numbers available.

Thank you.

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Sorry for the delay in resolving this issue with you.  We have had several issues that have delayed us, but we should be able to get things to you now.  


Send me a fresh e-mail at photosuite@otakon.org with your name and your session ID (a letter followed by 3 numbers) that should be on your yellow receipt.


Sorry again.


Jill Duarte

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