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Lining up for Masquerade?


I've recently been wondering what is an appropriate time to line up for the masquerade in order to get a decent enough seat with a view of the stage (or I suppose a monitor if the stage is visible but unclear?). I won't be attending the concert, but I would love to watch the masquerade. I know seating starts at 7, but I'm unsure if this is the best time to line up, and if I should line up earlier, or even later.


I gathered some information from a topic in 2009, which said something along the lines that the Arena is huge, and that if you lined up around an hour or so before the event, you could still manage to find decent enough seats, but I'm not sure how relevant this information is now, given that it was four years ago. I know for the Saturday concert, since it's popular, lining up to get a decent seat would have to be pretty early. Would it be once the lines start at 12?


Also, if I'm interpreting this correctly, there's no room clear for the arena, so is it safe to assume people who are already in the concert who want to watch the masquerade will stay in their seats?


I do have friends who are attending the concert, if that makes any difference in getting seats and waiting.


It happens to be my first Otakon, and these questions have been bugging me for a while!

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I never bother lining up for it, you can see the stage just fine from the back too. But if you wanted to be closer or have a floor seat, get there at least on hour before the seating starts.

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