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Going to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics

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  So i have always wanted to go to Japan and the Olympics and 2020 im crossing off both of these from my bucket list.  Anyone else thinking of going?  And for those that have gone to Tokyo can you recommend a nice hotel thats not rich and famous expensive? 

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it'd be hard to tell you where to stay with hundreds of options spread over a large area, not to mention that tokyo is constantly developing and there will be many new options in 6 years. also keep in mind that even lower end hotels will be cleaner and more hospitable than many in the US, albeit with smaller rooms.


My advice:


search for 3 and 4 star properties to get a nice hotel that won't completely break the bank, say 200-300 a night. using tripadvisor is a good idea


The olympic area will likely be in the bay around daiba and ariake. That means staying on the yurikamome line will be among the most convenient. hotels in shiodome, shinbashi, and ginza are an especially good idea because you'll be walking distance to the train to the olympics while also convenient to the other train lines and central areas (I lived in shiodome and can attest to that)


The full service, 4 star hotels on that line are:


The royal park shiodome tower


park hotel tokyo


grand pacific le daiba


hotel nikko tokyo


for nicer business hotels also on/near the line:


mitsui garden premier ginza


villa fontaine shiodome


mitsui garden shiodome italia-gai


courtyard marriott ginza


B Conte Ariake

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A few things to consider.


1. Lots of hotels are good and Tokyo's pretty easy to get around, but my personal preference is to stay around Shinjuku because it's so easy to get anywhere from there.


2. None of the usual advice will matter because OLYMPICS.


There is no such thing as "inexpensive" when the Olympics are in town. Most of the hotels in Tokyo will be selling at rack (undiscounted) rates or MUCH higher if they're nearby or especially convenient. Unless you have special connections, you're going to be competing with all the atheletes, press, and sponsors for anything remotely decent.


I would however advise the following:

1. Choose a restaurant with western-style in-room bathrooms.  Don't know about you, but I want my own loo -- especially when hotels are likely going to be packed to bursting.


2. Don't make the Olympics your first taste of Tokyo. Go at least once when you have time to explore, and when the city isn't dealing with the hell-beast. 

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I would go during the Olympics... IF I wanted to travel halfway around the world to visit a country and experience NOTHING of what that country is really like.  I really don't see myself wanting to experience that sort of pseudo-Tokyo, however, so...


But who knows? In 6 years I may be ready for a facade on a vacation.

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