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Little Busters! PnP Battle Game (by me)

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Okay, not sure if anyone already did this, attempted, or even tried to arrange this kind of event thing.


I'm kind of obsessed with the game after finishing the anime, so I started thinking:  What is a good way for people to meet each other, engage in activity, and express some friendly feelings?  Have them fight each other in a battle!  So yeah...  move this if it applies to some other place on the forums, but I took a couple of days to write a rulebook to how I think it can go.  If you dare to read this TL;DR-ish post and like it, please give me some ideas to clean it up better to make it more simpler and friendly.


I was planning on making little changes here and there, but here's what I got so far.



Little Busters!  Battle tabletop game

players 10 - ?? (1 v 1, optional 3rd person act as ref can flip for trap, slip, or status checks)




Each person will give themselves a title.  (Make it a good one to remember, because it won't last.)


Find some way to determine who will be ranked #1 before the start, like rock paper scissors, one potato two potato, etc...


Rank #1 will always be "Provisional Ruler of the Battle Rankings."  Whoever beats #1 will obtain that title.


Turn-based 1v1 battles until someone reaches 0hp


Battles are played with those ranked within 2 places of each other (if 10 people or below, +1 each 10 additional people.)


Those ranked higher cannot refuse a fight, but those ranked lower can offer a trade for a help item.  (will impliment rules for help items later)


Each fight has a total of 20 turns, ten actions for each character.  If there is no winner, the fight is called a draw regardless of health left.


Attacks start at intial amount of attacks per action (usually 1 attack per action, or 1-1).  After 3 successful actions the hits increase by one (increase to 1-2 attacks an action).  This only counts for each individual battle, resetting at the initial attack number for the next fight.


Weapon type are determined with a 2 die and a coin flip.  There are 24 different types of methods of attack based on what is chosen.  Each weapon will be categorized by their "skill" given, or in the manner each weapon is used.  In some cases, a second coin will be flipped to choose between two possible weapons in a single skill category.


Finally, titles are only given to the loser of the battle by the winner.  The title given can be anything the winner chooses, and will be written on a tag for the loser to wear.  If the winner can't think of something good for the loser, the title will be determined by a random statement using a combination from a Cards Against Humanity deck.


Even if you win, you cannot change your own title.


The types of weapons are as follow

 Heads                                          Tails

1. Throw (common attacks)           -> papercraft (4 turns undefended, then hi damage attack)

2. Trap (trap check damage)         -> inflate (trap check damage x traps laid out)

3. Pinch (damage varies)              -> clip-on (D.O.T. each clip)

4. Bound (immobile chance)          -> Wrap (immobile chance)

5. Stab (attacks>dmg)                  -> Strike (dmg>attacks)

6. Take a Picture (blind chance)  -> Cut nails (low DMG + D.O.T. chance)

7. Smear (immobile chance)        -> Stick-on (immobile chance)

8. Fireworks (2 step attack, fear chance) -> Fireworks (2 step attack, fear chance)

9. Bucket (makes floor slippery)   -> Suds (dmg+slippery)

10. Shoot (small) (no critical hits)  -> Shoot (large) (no critical hits)

11. Magic trick (single attacks, easy crit) -> Dance (no critical hits, low damage)

12. Dice (insta-kill chance)              -> Countdown (insta-kill upon reaching 9999)


Unused ones are as follows



Strelka and Belka


Pop-up Pirate


Brush Teeth


Crab Bread

3 Section Staff

Business Card


Standard Battle formulas

Low damage = .5 x roll

Med damage = 1.0 x roll

Hi damage = 1.5 x roll

Critical = 3 x roll


Direct attack weapons

Hit = each coin heads according to attack number per action

Critical Hit = critical hit coin heads, if all normal attacks hit

Roll = damage dealt

Miss = attack coins all tails


Counterattack = if opponent flips all tails on attack, flip one coin.  If heads, counter success and will damage x .5

of opponent's attack roll.  If tails then action is over.


Damage Over Time check = x.25 of opponents turn attack if in effect


Blind check = Flip one additional coin again during attack.  If tails, automatic miss regardless of initial hit or

critical hit check.


Trap attack weapons

Roll = potential damage each turn (if opponent triggers trap)

Trap check = opponent flips trap coin, if heads attack as usual.  If tails attack is negated and is damaged by trap.

Play area status Slippery (suds or bucket used)

Slip check = each turn both players will flip a coin on the remaining turns immediately after the soap/suds weapon is

used.  If tails, action is negated and will take damage rolled by trap setter.  This applies to the person using the

weapon too.

Status recovery = flip a coin after turn after getting a status effect.  Heads will recover immediately.  Natural

recovery after 3 turns.


Indirect attacks cannot be countered, since there is no real direct action towards opponent.

Indirect attacks are:

Trap, Inflate, Bucket, Magic Trick, Dance, Dice, Countdown

Status Effects


Immobilized - unable to attack

Caused by Smear, Stick-on, Wrap, Bound


Fear - Can only attack once in action regardless of weapon skill

Caused by Fireworks


Blind - Accuracy down

Caused by Take a Picture


Damage Over Time - Will take damage after every turn, stackable, non-recoverable

Caused by Cut Nails


Wrapped - Caught inside a net/blanket

Caused by Wrap


Preparing - Using first 4 turns to make weapon.


Reloading - Out of ammo after 2 attack turns, must skip 3rd turn but cannot be interrupted when doing so

Caused by Shoot (Pistol)



1H. Throw - (1-1, Med) Pillows, (1-3, Low) Ping-pong balls.

1T. Papercraft - (1-2 Hi) Airplane, (1-2 Hi) Stegasaurus.  *Must spend 4 turns preparing.


2H. Set Trap - (1-1, Med) Mousetrap

2T. Inflate - (1-1 low) balloons *if triggered, number of balloons out attack with x of single roll)

Suds up (1-1 Med) Soap *chance of either slip on attack, dmg is .5 of roll.  (1-1 Med) Bucket *chance of either slip on attack, dmg is 1.0 of roll)


3H. Pinch - (1-2 Varies) Chopsticks *flip 1 coin if hit, Heads is Med damage, Tails is Lo damage, (1-2 Varies) Tongs

3T. Clip-on - (1-2 Low) Clothespin *flip coin to release each if hit with, (1-2 Low) Metal Clips *roll above 4 to release if hit with iteach


4H. Bound - (1-2 Low) Toilet Paper *if on hit, flip 2 coins.  if both heads then opponent is immobilized. 

4T. Wrap - (1-1 Hi) Fish Net *Flip 3 coins.  If all heads, opponent is caught.  If caught, opponent rolls own damage x2, then flips 3 coins.  2 heads will break free of wrap.


5H. Stab - (2-3 low) Toy Knife

5T. Strike - (1-2 Med) Baton


6H. Take a Picture - (1-1 Med) Camera *Flip one coin after hit for Blind chance

6T. Cut nails - (1-1 Low) Nail clippers *after each attack, flip a coin for D.O.T. chance


7H. Smear - (1-1 Med) Industrial strength glue *

7T. Stick-on - (2-2 Med) Duct Tape *


8H. Fireworks - (1-2 Med) Small fireworks *2 step attack, can be interrupted by traps and slips.  Flip 2 coins for Fear chance

8T. Fireworks - (1-2 Hi) Large Fireworks *2 step attack, can be interrupted by traps and slips.  Flip 1 coin for Fear chance


9H. Bucket - (1-1 Med) Bucket *roll for damage, opponent rolls a slip check.  If tails, opponent slips and takes damage.  If opponent flips heads, they attack as normal, no critical chance on slips

9T. Suds up - (1-1 Med) Soap *first, the initial weapon attack.  Then roll for damage, opponent rolls a slip check.  If tails, opponent slips and takes damage.  If opponent flips heads, they attack as normal.  no critical chance on slips


10H. Shoot - (1-3 low) rubber band *no criticals with weapon, *flip one coin each time.  Heads is a hit.

10T. Shoot - (1-5 low) Plastic Pistol *no criticals with weapon, *flip one coin each time.  Heads is a hit.  Must Reload after 2 actions with weapon


11H. Magic Trick - (1-1 Med) magic trick *attack as normal, cannot be countered on fail

11T. Dance - (2-4 med) MP3 Player *flip 4 coins, if majority or half flips are heads all attacks hit.  If majority

tails, attack fails. cannot be countered on fail


12H. Dice - (1-1) 3 Dice *Roll 3 same numbers for insta-kill.  Cannot attack or counterattack, opponent can still

miss.  Can be interrupted by traps and slips.

12T. Countdown - (1-1) Click Counter *Reach past 9999 for insta-kill.  Flip 2 coins each turn.  Heads will give

you 1000, Tails will give you 500.  Cannot attack or counterattack, opponent can still miss.  Can be interrupted by

traps and slips.






Obviously not done, but it's something.  How successful would this be with alot of people playing at a convention anyway?

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